And now 10 more houses between Godfrey House and Claygate!

Fernham Homes have advised Hollingbourne Parish Council that they have applied for planning permission to build 10 houses in the land between historic Godfrey House and Claygate. The application is expected to be on the Maidstone Borough Council Planning website shortly but Hollingbourne Parish Council has been sent advance copies of the plans.

Mr Matthew Blythin has asked to come discuss the matter with the Parish Council and this is likely to be at the next monthly meeting at 7.30pm on Monday 13th February 2017 in the Cardwell Pavilion.

The Council was previously advised of Fernham Homes’ intention to apply for planning pmission about a year ago but nothing happened at the time. In fact Fernham Homes sounded out the Parish Council about a scheme to build 20 homes on the site in October 2014 and this was reported at the time.

Concerns  previously expressed about more development in Hollingbourne have included traffic issues, drainage and sewerage problems, and the lack of places at Hollingbourne CP School. In fact Kent County County Economic  Department has requested that the proposed developer of 12 houses in Windmill Lane pays £28,331,52 towards the development  of Harrietsham School plus £576.19 towards new library books for the residents. Please see here

Mr Blythin has sent a number of documents for general viewing plus a Site Plan (pictured below) as follows:-

A final Design and Access Statement : Click Here

Landscape Proposals : Click Here

A Drainage Statement : Click Here


Other Planning News.

The Godfrey Meadows development of 14 houses on the opposite side of Eyhorne Street to the Fernham Homes site is due to be finished in May 2017 some three years after the planning was approved. Both sites are outside of the village envelope and residents were inconvenienced for several weeks in the summer of 2016 when Eyhorne Street was closed for the installation of services. If the Fernham Homes scheme goes ahead it is expected that Eyhorne Street will be closed again for some time for the installation of services for the nerw development.

Local residents who queried before Christmas the accuracy of the drawings submitted with the application for 12 houses behind the Windmill PH are yet to receive a response from Maidstone Borough Council. The application was made on 13th December 2016 and the present closing date for comments is 27th January. Additionally the Village Hall Committee have challenged the validity of the application on a number of counts and if successful the closing date may be further deferred.

The solicitors for Enterprises Inns PLC who own part of the Windmill Lane Public Footpath which leads to the proposed development site have now written to the developers of the 12 houses which are outside of the Village Envelope to advise them that they will need an easement for vehicular access to the site and for the laying of services under the Lane. There are no public services under the Lane and drainage from the Village Hall is into a cesspit.

When the Village Hall was built in 1968 it is understood that an easement was obtained from the Leeds Castle Estate over another section of the Lane so that the Village Hall could be accessed by vehicles. The scheme envisages vehicular access to the site via a single 55 metre stretch of the Footpath with no passing places which is just 3 metres wide at the narrowest point. If the application is successful the Lane and Eyhorne Street will have to be closed for some time for the installation of services.

Pictured below is the general site plan for the proposed development of 10 houses by Fernham Homes between Godfrey House and Claygate in Eyhorne Street.

fernham-homes-051405-fern-con-02 Fernham General Plan December 2016