Appeal to new and old residents of Hollingbourne from Friends of Hollingbourne’s Historic Church.

The Friends of Hollingbourne’s Historic Church have just issued a request to local residents including those in the recently completed Godfrey Meadow development for financial support. The Friends are a charity and provide support to All Saints’ Church in order that the fabric of the building can be maintained sand that the building continues to be a major part of Hollingbourne.

Chairman Andrew Brice has issued the following request for support:-


September 2017

Dear Resident

Welcome to Hollingbourne and I hope that you enjoy living in this beautiful village.

The Friends of Hollingbourne’s Historic Church is a charity with the sole purpose of looking after the fabric of the church.  If you have not visited the church it is well worth a visit and thanks to the Friends and many others, it is excellent condition.  The Friends also fund the work that goes into improving the churchyard.

However, the vestry roof now needs repair and alteration at a total cost of approximately £17,000.  The Friends are contributing over £10,000 towards the cost of this work.  Over the years the Friends have made contributions of over £22,000 towards specific projects.

2004 Replace the floor under one set of pews                       £ 1,900

2006 Contribution to roof repairs                                           £ 6,000

2009 Making safe the electrical system                                  £ 9,368

2010 Emergency repair to Lych Gate                                     £ 2,593

2013 Tree surgery to many trees in churchyard                      £ 2,500

The vestry roof repair will deplete our funds considerably and these need to be built up again.

Individuals contribute by giving small amounts of £5 or £10 a month by standing order and these amounts build up the fund for future use.  With an old building, one never knows what will be required next.  The only certainty is that it will be expensive.

If you would like to contribute, please complete the bankers order and the Gift Aid Declaration in the enclosed brochure and send it to the treasurer John Holley.  He has moved recently and his address is now Toadflax, Pilgrims Way, Hollingbourne ME17 1UT (01622 880352).

I hope that you will be able to help.

Yours faithfully

A W Brice


Earlier this month a donation of £234.40 was made to the Friends by the customers of the Sugar Loaves Public House in Eyhorne Street.

Pictured below is Hollingbourne Church which will have a new Team Vicar in Hollingbourne, the Reverend Paul Kite, as from 25th September 2017:-

All Saints’ Hollingbourne Parish Church.