Arctic weather arrives in Hollingbourne.

Real snow has at last arrived in Hollingbourne with cold weather coming from the east after days of bright but cold sunshine. Updates on Hollingbourne weather can be obtained from Eyhorne Street’s own weather station at  

The snow has also badly affected the A20 between Hollingbourne and Charing and the M20 between Junctions 8 and 9.

For any older residents (and others) who are stuck at home because of the weather then the following might brighten the day:-


Pictured below are some views of the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area taken this morning:

Poste Cottage in Eyhorne Street.
Eyhorne Street garden.
The Windmill PH in Eyhorne Street.
The former butcher’s shop in Eyhorne Street.
The Milliner’s Cottage and Oxley Mews in Eyhorne Street.

At lunchtime the snow stopped and the sun came out.

Windmill Lane after a snowfall in February 2018.
A south facing Eyhorne Street garden after a snowfall in February 2018.