Are you having problems with your broadband?

Are you having problems with your broadband?

Many Hollingbourne residents have complained about their slow broadband with many people being denied service and being unable to watch Catch-Up TV services without severe buffering. As BT appear to have put off the upgrading of the Hollingbourne telephone exchange almost indefinitely, there seems little hope of any immediate improvement. It therefore seems a good idea for Hollingbourne Parish Council to tabulate a list of the broadband problems of local residents inorder that pressure can be applied on BT.

The newly elected MP for the Faversham and Mid Kent constituency, Mrs Helen Whately promised before the General Election in May to press for better broadband for her constituents.

If you have broadband problems and are getting a download speed of less than 1MB in particular please send details of your experience together with the name of your Internet Service Provider to John Cobbett using the webmaster e-mail address on the side-bar of this website. Hopefully if enough people respond then BT and others may listen.You can measure your download and upload speeds via several websites including the following one:-

Hollingbourne is being left behind because of poor internet access which affects not just casual internet users but also those operating in e-commerce and students relying on distance learning by internet. The matter has been raised with BT on several times over the last few years as an upgrade of the Hollingbourne exchange is essential for any major improvement in this public service. Additionally if and when BBC3 TV goes off the air and online exclusively local TV licence payers will not have access to the service that they are funding. However the BT’s position does not seem to have changed since April 2013 when BT’s Sarah Bellerby wrote an e-mail which said:-

Our roll out is strictly commercial.   Exchanges not included in our deployment will need to be looked at as part of the wider BDUK plans. 

Unfortunately until BT change their policy Hollingbourne and about one third of the population will not receive a decent service. A Hollingbourne sponsored e-petition failed to get the necessry 100,000 signatures for the matter to be debated in parliament. The full text of a letter from Ms Bellerby to former local MP Sir Hugh Robertson that was sent in 2013 is reproduced below. At the time Ms Bellerby explains in paragraph five why Hollingbourne is not “commercially viable”.