Broadband project aborted.

The joint plan of Hollingbourne Parish Council with the Parish Councils of Leeds, Broomfield, and Kingswood to bring superfast broadband to the villages to the east of Maidstone has run into difficulties and has been abandoned. The plan was to obtain financial support from Defra and Kent County Council.

Peter Corfield of Broomfield and Kingswood Parish Council who was coordinating the project writes:-

We have decided to withdraw our bid for SuperFast Broadband for the three parishes of Broomfield & Kingswood, Leeds, and Hollingbourne. The reasons are primarily that a large number of the premises that would have been served by a successful bid are now no longer defined as being in the hardest 10% area, combined with the admitted difficulties of wireless admissibility, stalled European approvals and the projected costs to subscribers.


We are endeavouring to see if we can pull together a different solution, working together with Maidstone Borough Council and KCC