Entrance gates go up at Godfrey Meadow development. – UPDATED – gates stolen!

Entrance gates have been erected at the entrance to the Godfrey Meadow development of 14 houses which is nearing completion in Eyhorne Street. It appears that the gates are purely decorative as they are not big enough to close the entrance to Godfrey Meadow which is a private road with no pavements or street lighting. Planning permission was granted for the houses in May 2014 despite strong opposition from Hollingbourne Parish Council and local residents because of traffic and other infrastructure concerns. UPDATE – The gates were subsequently stolen and have not been replaced. The development was completed in October 2017.

A recently created footpath from Godfrey Meadow where 2 bedroomed houses are priced from £535,000 to Station Lane has now been blocked up. Also in Station Lane some of the trees alongside the bourne at the rear of Godfrey Meadow have been cut down and new fencing has been installed by the railway contractors.

Pictured below are the new gates behind the metal barriers at the Wealden Homes development site which is nearing completion. 

The entrance to Godfrey Meadow in July 2017.

Pictured below is the newly created but closed off footpath from Godfrey Meadow to Station Lane.

The footpath from Godfrey Meadow to Station Lane.

Pictured below is the new barrier and fencing in Station Lane at the rear of Godfrey Meadow.

The fencing installed in Station Lane over the bourne in July 2017.

Pictured below is Godfrey Meadow before development started.