Eyhorne Mews Planning Permission granted despite strong local opposition – UPDATED.

Maidstone Borough Council yesterday granted planning permission for the conversion of Eyhorne Mews with five garages and a flat into two bed-roomed accommodation, with one garage, and a bin store. This was despite strong local opposition from residents, Hollingbourne Parish Council, and local MBC Councillor Patrik Garten who cited the case of Barnwell Manor Wind Energy Ltd v. East Northants DC, English Heritage and National Trust [2014] EWCA Civ 137. This landmark case relates to developments developments which might adversely affect historic buildings such as the cottages in Eyhorne Street which are next to Eyhorne Mews. These date from 1462 and have no foundations and could be affected by nearby building work especially as the site access is very narrow.

At the Planning Committee meeting in the Town Hall which was attended by Councillor Garten, Hollingbourne Parish Councillor Alan Bennett, and Eyhorne Street resident Emmae Lomax, planning permission was granted on the basis that an “Informative” was attached to the permission which would restrict the use of lorries and heavy equipment on the site because of the vibration risk to nearby buildings. When the existing building was put up some 50 years ago it is understood that materials were brought on site in wheelbarrow and the new developer has promised to deliver materials on a dumper truck. An additional problem is that there is no obvious location offsite in the Conservation Area for a delivery point for materials except in the road where parking is resticted.

Concerned residents are considering their further options with regard to this development which is listed by MBC as 21 Eyhorne Street.

The formal planning permission has now been published but it appears to make no mention of the “Informative” or the access restrictions and the full text is at : /hollingbournepc/UserFiles/file/Eyhorne%20Mews%20planning%20permission%20September%202016.pdf

UPDATE on 21st September – However the report of the Planning Committee Meeting that was published after the planning decision does include restrictions which may not be legally binding including no access via vehicles to the site with the exception of a dumper truck that is no more than 1118 mm (3 feet and 9 inches) in width. Additionally there are restrictions on the types of tools to be used. For more information please see: /hollingbournepc/UserFiles/file/Eyhorne%20Mews-Committee_Report-3779954.pdf