Fernham Homes to submit revised planning application with “more affordable” houses – plus other planning news – UPDATED.

Fernham Homes have advised Hollingbourne Parish Council that they will shortly be submitting to Maidstone Borough Council a revised planning application for a development site between historic Godfrey House and Claygate. The new scheme is for 12 houses including 4 two bedroomed properties.

Mr Matthew Blythin of Fernham Homes writes:

The scheme will deliver an off-site financial contribution towards affordable housing provision, which has been calculated in full accordance with the emerging Local Plan policy.  Plots 9-12 will not themselves be affordable housing (i.e. they will be for market sale), albeit they are smaller homes and therefore more affordable than those they replaced. 

Hollingbourne Parish Council has previously objected to the development on the grounds of traffic, infrastructure issues including drainage and sewerage, and the lack of places at Hollingbourne County Primary School. The previous development proposal required the developer’s Section 106 payment of £23,609.60 for education to be paid to Kent County Council for the benefit of Harrietsham School with nothing going to Hollingbourne County Primary School.

As and when the formal application is submitted to Maidstone Borough Council the matter will be considered by Hollingbourne Parish Council. Additionally local Borough Councillor Patrik Garten has promised to “call in” all development applications in Hollingbourne so that they can be considered by the MBC Planning Committee and not be decided by Planning Officers.

As and when the application is made it can be seen on the MBC Planning website at  http://pa.midkent.gov.uk/online-applications   No Planning Reference number is currently available but the previous number for the site was 16/508640/FULL and the new application should be linked to this number.

Comments can be sent to planningcomments@midkent.gov.uk

Other Hollingbourne planning news.

In addition to the above scheme and an application for 10 large detached houses alongside Windmill Lane, planning permission has been granted for a new house in the garden of 1 Culpepper Close which is opposite Hollingbourne CP. School. Additionally a planning application has been received for extensions to two of the houses presently under construction in Musket Lane. The application reference is 15/508307/FULL for the houses and 17/503009/FULL for the extensions. Details are on the MBC Planning website at  http://pa.midkent.gov.uk/online-applications and the closing date for comments is 11th August and these may sent to planningcomments@midkent.gov.uk . It is also understood that an application for two more houses in Musket Lane may be received soon. The present development was strongly opposed by Hollingbourne Parish Council and local residents.

UPDATE – The Hollingbourne Parish Council resolved at their meeting on 10th July to raise no objection to the construction of 10 houses between Godfrey House and Claygate (Application 16/508640FULL), the  2 new houses in Musket Lane (Application 17/503314/FULL), and 1 house in Culpeper Close (Application 17/503206/SUB). With the exception of the Culpeper Close house the votes were not unanimous because of concerns about traffic, parking, the lack of school places, and because of the lack of infrastructure. They also resolved to object to to two extensions in Musket Lane (Application 17/503009/FULL).


Pictured below is the proposed site plan for the Fernham Homes development. Plots 9 to 12 are the “more affordable houses” on the left.

The proposed Fernham Homes site in summer 2017.

Pictured below are the designs for the affordable homes.

Designs for the affordable houses in Hollingbourne from Fernham Homes.