Fibre broadband now available in Eyhorne Street.

Fibre broadband now available in Eyhorne Street.

The Eyhorne Street Conservation Area has now joined the rest of Hollingbourne with access to fibre broadband instead of standard broadband which has local speeds rarely exceeding 5MB with frequent denials of service. Fibre broadband arrived in the Upper Street Conservation Area and in Culpepper earlier this year following a long campaign by Hollingbourne Parish Council and financial support from Kent County Council.

The Eyhorne Street service is served by a green cabinet on Tanyard Green and the rest of the village is connected by a cabinet opposite Hollingbourne County Primary School that was installed last year.

Already BT, SSE, and EE are offering fibre packages with line rental and telephone calls costing around £45 per month with other suppliers expected to follow. Speeds of between 38MB and 76Mb are promised which will mean that TV licence payers will be able to watch BBC3 and other onlne services without regular freezing.

It is understood that there are no immediate plans to connect Broad Street, Greenway, and Hollingbourne Hill to the system but Kent County Council has advised the Parish Council that the matter is under consideration for the future.

Pictured below are BT OpenReach enginers working in Eyhorne Street during May.