Have you anything in need of repair? The BBC’s Repair Shop could be coming to Hollingbourne!

Hollingbourne Parish Council has been asked to publicise an appeal from the production company for BBC2’s “The Repair Shop” who are looking for interesting items to repair. The following is the text of the message from Ryan Leigh of Ricochet Limited who are making the programme.

I am wondering if you might to be able to help spread the word amongst your community to see if anyone has any objects in need of repair? We are looking for family heirlooms and objects that have community value that have fallen into disrepair. For example: memorial plaques, eroded statues, snapped weather vanes, broken sun dials, cracked gargoyles, fading carvings, or antique village and pub signs. Objects need to be able to be taken to our workshop in Chichester to be repaired by our team of master craftspeople, so needs to be transportable.

Some further information about Ricochet and ‘The Repair Shop’ below:

Who we are:

Ricochet is an award-winning independent television production company, responsible for creating high quality programming for all the major broadcasters. Our programming output includes Monty Don’s ‘Mastercrafts’ (BBC2), Britain’s Empty Homes (BBC One), Born to Be Different (Channel 4), ‘Food Unwrapped’ (Channel 4) and ‘Cowboy Builders’ (Channel 5). ‘The Repair Shop’ is one of our most recent commissions. To find out more go to www.ricochet.co.uk

The Programme:

The series will follow a team of some of Britain’s most passionate and skilled craftspeople as they work side by side in a beautiful barn in the West Sussex countryside fixing, repairing and breathing new life into objects brought in by members of the public. The team are a group of experts drawn from different disciplines such as furniture repairers, metal workers, mechanics, ceramicists, clock makers, picture conservationists, up-cyclers, restorers and fabricators of every ilk. Every object brought in to ‘The Repair Shop’ will be different, each with its own story to tell and at the end of each programme, the objects will be returned to their owners to be treasured in the family for generations to come. The series is due to transmit on BBC2. To find out more go to www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08l581p

If you have an object you’d like our help with please get back in touch with us at repair@ricochet.co.uk or call us on 01273 224829 , I’ve attached a flyer (see below) with information.

Best wishes and thank you for your time.

Ryan Leigh

Junior Researcher

The Repair shop

Ricochet Ltd

Pacific House,126 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3TE

Tel: 01273 224800 Fax: 01273 770350


Registered in England

Registration No 04053062