Have you been invaded by peacocks?

If so help may be at hand. Jean Talboys has been in contact with Leeds Castle who may be able to help. Please Read More for further information.

Jean Talboys writes:-

In recent months two peahens have been regular visitors to our roofs and gardens causing a great deal of damage to plants etc.

This week they have taken a step too far and entered the home of a disabled resident through an open french window.

Consequently I have been in touch with Leeds Castle and the Great Danes Hotel and asked that the troublesome birds be removed from the area.

If you find them in the village please try to entice them into a shed, garage, or conservatory with some bird food and when they are safely captured please contact Jean Talboys who will contact Leeds Castle who have promised to remove them within 10 minutes.

Jean Talboys,

10 Athelstan Green,

Tel 01622-880349

Pictured below is one of the birds walking towards Leeds Castle but not yet in captivity!