Have your say at a public meeting about the long promised east of Maidstone relief road!

On Thursday 2nd November at there will be a public meeting in the Maidstone Mercure – Great Danes Hotel at Hollingbourne Corner to consider proposals for a new Maidstone Relief road between the Sutton Road (A274) and the Ashford Road (A20). Various schemes have been proposed over the decades and all have been abandoned. However because of the increase in traffic through Leeds, where traffic is usually one way in place, and along Willington Street in particular, there is a substantial public support for a new road to reduce the congestion. This meeting has been called by local County Councillors and Hollingbourne’s MP, Mrs Helen Whately is expected to attend. Her name is spelt incorrectly on the poster (below).

Proposals from Mr Sajid Javid, Secretary for Communities and Local Government, to build thousands of new homes to the east of Maidstone will only lead to more congestion and the possibility of Customs Controls at Dover and the Channel Tunnel after Brexit leading to Operation Stack on a daily basis means that more local road capacity may be needed. This week Mrs Theresa May assured Parliament that the movement of goods through Dover will be seamless after Brexit but no details are available as to how this will work.

Just now it takes on average two minutes to process one of the 11000+ lorries a day through Customs while with Customs Controls the average time is expected to be around twenty minutes according to publicly available data. This could lead to major traffic issues for Kent and Kent County Council are seeking an answer from Mr Christopher Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, following a request from Hollingbourne Parish Council which was backed by local KCC Councillor Mrs Shellina Prendergast.

In the past developers who have wished to develop at Junction 8 of the M20 including the Waterside and Kent International Gateway projects have cited a relief road as a way of reducing the traffic congestion caused by their developments. A lack of affordable and reliable public transport in the area means that most people have to use cars which cause congestion and further development may mean that the situation can only get worse.

Details of the public meeting appear below.

Poster for a meeting to consider a possible east of Maidstone Relief Road.