Hollingbourne bus service to continue until September 2018.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has been advised that the KCC subsidised Number 13 bus service from Hollingbourne to Maidstone will continue until September 2018. The service operates six days a week and can take 30-38 minutes for the journey between Hollingbourne and Maidstone.

The current timetable s at  http://www.nu-venture.co.uk/tt13%20leaflet%20816.pdf . Concern has been expressed by local residents about the infrequency of the service and the prices which can often be more that parking prices in Maidstone. However it is an invaluable service to the elderly and others without cars.

Parish Councillor Alan Bennett writes:-

Use it or lose it !
THE county council’s change of heart about axing some uneconomic bus services in Kent means Hollingbourne will have its village bus service until September 2018 – but possibly no longer after that.
As the operator of the weekday service, Nu-Venture’s Norman Kemp put it so simply, it is a case of ‘use it or lose it’ as he will not be able to justify running the service beyond then if user numbers do not pick up.
Mr Kemp has always been straightforward in his dealings with your parish council but now it is down to the villagers to make sure they do not leave those few regular users stranded when they could make the effort just once in a while to use the bus.
The message could not be clearer!


If you have any views about the service ort other local KCC issues please contact our County Councillor at Shellina.Prendergast@kent.gov.uk

Pictured below is one of the Nu Venture fleet of buses.

A Nu Venture bus of the type that comes to Hollingbourne.