Hollingbourne Outdoor Art Festival announced and other July news in brief – updated through the month.

The Hollingbourne Meadows Trust is to hold an Outdoor Art Festival on 2nd September and further details are below.


Other News in brief.


The time of the last post from Eyhorne Green from Monday to Friday has been brought forward by 15 minutes to 4.45pm from 2nd July. The Saturday collection is not affected and post will continue to be collected from Christopher’s Village Shop in Eyhorne Street at at about 1.30pm each weekday.


As from 9th July KMTV can be received on Channel 7 in more parts of Kent including parts of Bearsted and Harrietsham but not in Hollingbourne so far. This follows changes to the Bluebell Hill Freeview transmitter. More changes are expected on 19th July after which it may be necessary to re-tune local televisions. KMTV is a partnership between the Kent Messenger Group and the University of Kent.


The Annual Summer Fete and Exemption Dog Show on 9th June produced a surplus of £549.30 for the Parish Council subject to final audit. The provisional date for the 2019 event is 8th June.


The Hollingbourne Parish Council Meeting on 9th July resolved to spend £682.60 on two speed counters on the B2163 through Hollingbourne for a survey in September on speed through the village following  a local petition to reduce speed through the village. Concern was expressed about the accident on 29th June opposite the School and Councillors were advised of the road safety worries of residents. Representatives of Kent Police at the meeting suggested that local residents might like to participate in a Speed Watch programme and further information was promised.

Members were advised that during the last 19 years that official statistics only recorded 2 serious accidents in the village and only 11 minor ones. Accidents not involving injuries are unrecorded including a collision with a house in Eyhorne Street in 2017 which took 13 months to repair. Hollingbourne has a speed limit of 30mph through the village with signs at both ends of the village that request motorists at  to drive carefully as well as other road safety indicators. There is also a solar powered reactive speed sign opposite Godfrey House which was partly financed by the surplus from a Village Fete and which regularly records vehicles travelling in excess of the limit which is generally not enforced. Although there are many signs advising motorists of the speed restrictions, many drivers ignore them and Kent Police rarely prosecute.

Pictured below is the stationary vehicle that was involved in the accident on 29th June. It is understood that Kent Police attended this incident and that further action may be taken.


Eyhorne Street resident Andrea Marshall was co-opted as a Parish Councillor at the July Parish Council Meeting. Andrea has lived in Hollingbourne for 19 years and is employed in the agri-business sector. She is pictured below with Chairman Adam Ward in the Cardwell Pavilion.


Possibly the last Twinning Event between Hollingbourne and Templeuve will be a visit to the French town for the Bastille Day weekend from 13th to 15th July when the Tour de France will pass through the town and the World Cup Final between France and Croatia will be shown on a big screen in the grounds of the Chateau Baratte in the centre of Templeuve. Although both Hollingbourne Parish Council and Templeuve Town Council are keen that the relationship, that was established in March 2013 continues, the Templeuve Twinning Committee has ceased to exist. Mr Patrick Robert who is charged by the Department du Nord with promoting Twinning is visiting Hollingbourne on 17th July to meet the Hollingbourne Twinning Committee in order to discuss the matter.

Pictured below (top) is the Chateau Baratte which is the site for the big screen for the World Cup Final and which may be last event attended by Hollingbourne visitors. (Bottom) is the Salver presented to Hollingbourne in 2013 which at the beginning of the Twinning arrangement.

Pictured left is Luc Monnet, Mayor of Templeuve and right is Mike Bedwell, Mayor of Templeuve in Templeuve Town Hall with the salver that was present to the Hollingbourne on the occasion of the signing of the Twinning Agreement in 2013. The agreement had also been previously signed in Leeds Castle a short time before.