Hollingbourne’s Heritage Sites.

In October the Parish Council decided to participate in a Heritage Crime Scheme which would initially involve the identification of all of the heritage assets in Hollingbourne. The Parish Council has now received maps of local heritage assets from Mr Paul Cuming, Historic Environment Record Manager, Environment, Planning and Enforcement, Heritage Conservation Group at Kent County Council. Please Read More for further information.

Prior to the October Parish Council Meeting the Council received a briefing on the subject which was published on this website at http://www.hollingbournepc.kentparishes.gov.uk/default.cfm?pid=news&newsid=13523&act=disp . At the present time Parish Council is waiting for more information about the next stage of the programme.

Paul Cuming writes:-

The Historic Environment Record is an extensive collection of information relating to Kent’s heritage. The database contains information about 60,000 archaeological discoveries and 18,000 listed buildings, landscapes, excavations and library sources. The HER also contains more than 7,500 archaeological reports as well as aerial photographs and maps. Anyone who would like to know more about the individual buildings and sites shown on the maps below can view the online Historic Environment Record: www.kent.gov.uk/HER. The maps show the wide range of heritage assets in Hollingbourne, both Designated (legally protected) and otherwise. All these are potentially vulnerable to crime or anti-social behaviour and it is to address this that the Hollingbourne Heritage Crime initiative is dedicated.

Pictured below is a map of Hollingbourne’s heritage assets. Listed buildings are in blue, ancient farmsteds are red triangles, air crash sites are in yellow, and monuments are red circles.