July is Scam Awareness Month

July is Scam Awareness Month. Our colleagues at Maidstone Citizens Advice are working to raise the awareness of scams and will be advising and assisting local victims of this crime. They have asked for our help in passing this on via parish councils in the borough.
If you or your members would like more information, please contact Cally Gale at Maidstone CAB: Cally@MaidstoneCAB.org.uk 07483 903318

Citizens Advice Maidstone.

July 2016 is  Scam   Awareness  Month

The Citizens Advice has worked closely with the Consumer Protection Partnership (CPP) on the organisation of Scams Awareness Month.

Maidstone Citizens Advice will be working to raise the awareness locally of Scams throughout July through a series of activities and we will be advising and assisting local victims of this crime.

1st 4th July      –    Telephone Scams

2nd 11th July   –    Online Scams

3rd 18th July   –     Mail Scams

4th 25th July   –     Doorstep Scams.

Using a variety of media Posters, information cards, Information via our web site (www.maidstonecab.org.uk), Press Releases, Twitter@maidstonecab with regular updates and information throughout the month, #scamaware. Encouraging radio phone ins. Holding Scam briefings and working with our partner agencies as well as specific groups.

Please support this campaign by helping us spread the word in Maidstone –

£5billion – is the estimated amount lost each year by the UK consumers to mass marketed scams via phone and post. £755 million – the total cost to victims of financial fraud in 2015.



•           If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

•           It you haven’t bought a ticket – you can’t win it.

•           You shouldn’t have to pay anything to get a prize.

•           If in doubt, don’t reply. Bin it, delete it or hang up.

•           Persuasive sales patter? Just say: “No Thank You”.

•           Contacted out of the blue – be suspicious.

•           Take your time – resist pressure to make a decision straight away.

•           Never send money to someone you don’t know.

•           Walk away from job ads that ask for money in advance.

•           Your bank will never attend your home to collect cash, your PIN, payment card or

cheque book if you are a victim of fraud.

•           Your bank will never phone you to ask for your PIN or your online password.

•           Genuine computer firms do not make unsolicited calls to help you fix your computer

•           Don’t suffer in silence – speak out about scams and help prevent others becoming

victims of scams.


Contact Maidstone Citizens Advice 01622-752420/757882

Supporting Vulnerable Victims of Crime in Maidstone, Maidstone Citizens Advice    -07483903318

Contact the Police – Report it to: www.actionfraud.police.uk or call Citizens Advice Consumer unit 03454 040506

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