The Liberal Democrats name candidate for General Election on 8th June.

Faversham and Mid Kent Liberal Democrats have reselected Local Businessman and Maidstone Borough Councillor Dave Naghi as their candidate for the General Election.  Dave previously fought the 2015 and 2010 general elections.

Dave says “It is an honour to have once more been chosen to fight the General Election on behalf of the Liberal Democrats.  Our communities need a strong voice that can stand up for local residents and hold the government to account over their shambolic mishandling of Brexit. With the on-going collapse of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party it is clear they can not offer that voice. 

 In terms of Local Issues the over riding concern of Local residents has been and continues to be the pressure on our countryside caused by the Conservative Government’s drive to increase Housing.

I and my fellow Liberal Democrats and other Councillors from other parties fought hard to try and secure reductions in the Housing Numbers forced upon us by the Government’s methodology, with some limited success..

It has become very clear that contrary to the assertions of some of my political opponents that the only way to limit the damage was to get the Borough Council to get a  Local Plan adopted as quickly as possible and I have supported this. Other Councils have not done this and have continued to fight the Government, the result has been that their proposed Local Plans have been rejected, and the number of houses they will have to build has increased … dramatically. 

By contrast I wont offer false hope, but the truth even if it is not what every one wants to hear.  I will however promise to work together with KCC to secure a solution to Operation Stack, in particular Ie support the temporary site at Manston and permanent site at Folkestone and aim to help secure 2 or 3 satellite sites provided these are in the right areas and with the right facilities.  I am continuing my campaign for 20 MPH Speed limits in residential areas, and would support potential pilot projects such as the one that is hopefully

 coming forward  in Lenham. I have been working with fellow Councillors on trying to improve rail services and access to Broad band  and am supporting efforts to find innovative ways to fund new and existing bus services

Please get in touch if you have a particular question or issue you wish to explore further.”

Dave Naghi can be contacted at :-

telephone 07970626829  and email

Hollingbourne residents will be able to vote at the Cardwell Pavilion on 8th June from 7am to 10pm. Voting cards will shortly be distributed by Maidstone Borough Council.

It is understood that Mrs Helen Whately will be standing again for re-election as the Conservative candidate. As and when other candidates make themselves known it is hoped to invite them to write on this website on local issues including the long promised resurfacing of the M20 between Junctions 8 and 9 to reduce traffic noise, local hospital and medical services post Brexit, and the implications of no Customs Union post Brexit on Operation Stack and traffic through Kent to France.

Pictured below is Dave Naghi the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Faversham and Mid Kent Constituency.