Message from the Green Party Candidate for the KCC Elections on 4th May.

All five candidates for the Maidstone Rural East Ward in the Kent County Council Elections on 4th May have been invited to contribute a message to Hollingbourne voters and were asked for their views on Operation Stack, rural services, and development at Junction 8 of the M20. The third one to be received is from Derek Eagle who is the Green Party Candidate. Voting will be at the Cardwell Pavilion from 7am to 10pm:-

I am pleased to be standing for the Green Party in Rural East. I am a Sub-postmaster and run a local produce shop in Sutton Valence and sit on SV Parish Council. 10 years ago my fellow Green and I started a Farmers Market in Maidstone after hearing how badly local farmers had been treated by the main supermarket chains. I worked a number of years on the Headcorn Farmers Market with the Headcorn Sustainability Group and managed the successful Bearsted FM for the parish council on the green.

I am particularly concerned there is yet another attempt to build on Woodcut Farm at Junction 8, we have fought development there and will continue to do so.

As someone who is heavily impacted by Operation Stack, I share local people’s frustrations! However the building of a lorry park near Folkestone would be wrong and do nothing to reduce the level of freight on our roads; instead we want to see money invested into rail freight to enable a significant shift away from roads.

As a rural postmaster you can imagine my feelings about rural services and how important they are! Our bus services need investing in, there is sparse police presence in rural areas and we often feel left out by the focus on the large towns locally. I will fight for our rural communities.

Pictured below is Derek Eagle.