MIllennium Pond drained for clearance.

The pond on the Hollingbourne Millennium Green has been drained so that it can be cleared of some of the weeds that have started to choke the pond. The work is being done by local resident Barry Smith on behalf of Hollingbourne Parish Council who are trying to adopt the Green and pond following the closure of the Hollingbourne Millennium Trust, a registered charity, who were responsible for the creation of the Green in 2000.

The pond is fed by water from the bourne and any overflow runs back into the bourne.

Parish Council Vice Chairman Adam Ward has been negotiating with Maidstone Borough Council and the Charity Commissioners for over a year and it is hoped that some resolution will be reached before too long.

It is hoped that the work on the pond will be completed by the end of April and that it can be refilled.

Also in April is another event to improve the look of Hollingbourne. A Village litter pick up day is to be held on 22nd and volunteers are requested to meet in Hasteds at 11am where rubbish bags and pick-up kit will be available. Anybody can come and it is suggested that all volunteers wear “hi-vis” jackets or bright clothes for safety reasons. It is expected that the task will take no longer than a couple of hours.

Pictured below is the drained pond with the derelict duck house which is to be removed.