New Hollingbourne houses to benefit Harrietsham School.

Kent County Council has asked that the contribution to local services from the developers of 10 houses between Godfrey House and Claygate be paid to Harrietsham CP School. Fernham Homes who have applied for planning permission for the houses are being asked to contribute £23,609.60 to Harrietsham CP School and nothing to Hollingbourne CP School!

Additionally the applicants for 12 houses in Windmill Lane have been asked to contribute £28,331.19 to Harrietsham School.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has opposed further housing development because of the lack of infrastructure in the village including the fact that Hollingbourne CP School is oversubscribed, regular traffic problems, and because of concerns about sewerage and drainage. Wealden Homes who have developed the Godfrey Meadow site on the opposite side of Eyhorne Street have commented on the fact that the site lacks any affordable homes as required by the current housing policy of Maidstone Borough Council.

For more information about KCC’s proposal that Fernham Homes make a contribution to Harrietsham School please go to 

The Parish Council is particularly concerned about daily traffic jams in the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area and it is noted that the Fernham Homes mandatory Traffic Survey was completed in September 2015 before the Wealden Homes development opposite the Fernham Homes site in eyhorne Street was built. The developers for the Windmill Lane site are yet to complete a Traffic Survey even though the site is accessed by a single track Public Footpath with no passing places. If the children living at either or both of these developments go to Harrietsham School by car, Hollingbourne’s traffic issues could become a lot worse.

Comments about these developments should be sent to Maidstone Borough Council at

The closing date for the Windmill Lane development is 17th February and the reference number is 16/508436/FULL.

The closing date for the Fernham Homes development is 24th February and the reference number is 15/608640/FULL

Pictured below is part of a typical morning traffic jam in the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area.