New rules for car parking at the Village Hall.

The Hollingbourne Village Hall Committee is launching a three month trial from the 1st June 2017 to restrict car parking at the rear of the Village Hall. Up to now there has been a notice in the Village Hall car park to the effect that the car park is for the users of the Hall but this has been largely ignored by local residents who have nowhere else to park. The adjoining  Windmill PH car park was formerly shared between the Village Hall, local residents, and patrons of the Windmill PH. However on the 11th May the Windmill PH announced that users of the Windmill PH car park who are not customers would be fined for using their car park between 8am and 9pm. The PH car park tends to be busy only at lunchtimes and in the early evenings.

The parking problem in the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area has become worse since the rents on the garages in Eyhorne Mews were increased by a new owner to a level that many of the existing and long standing tenants considered to be unaffordable. The main stretch of Eyhorne Street in the Conservation Area is effectively one way as cars are parked on the north side of the road. Consequently there are disputes most days between drivers about who has the right of way.

Hollingbourne is under pressure to accept more housing between Godfrey House and Claygate and at the rear of the Windmill PH which is accessed by a 3 metre wide public footpath. Although the application for the Windmill Lane site has been withdrawn, any further development will add to the village’s traffic and parking problems. The Wealden Homes housing site opposite Godfrey House has limited visitor parking and has no conventional pavements. All of these development have been opposed by Hollingbourne Parish Council because traffic and other infrastructure problems.

Using public transport is not an option for most residents as Kent County Council spending cuts will mean that the occasional number 13 bus service into Maidstone will cease in March 2018 and there is only an hourly train service from the station which too far to walk to for many elderly residents.

Please see below for the notice which has been issued to day by the Hollingbourne Village Hall Committee. If the new scheme does not work the Committee have considered the possibility of putting a chain across the entrance to the car park.