Other August News in brief.

Other August News in brief.

Southern Water are yet to fix a date to resolve the sewerage back-flow problem which has meant that they are continuing to jet the sewer system via a manhole in the the front garden of a private house in Hasteds. The problem was first identified in 2007 and recent investigations by Southern Water have indicated that the solution is more complicated than previously thought and some excavation work will be needed. Ms Leigh-Ann Butler of Southern Water will be visiting Hollingbourne early in September to explain the programme to affected Hasteds residents.

Other News in brief.

KCC Highways are to jet the surface water drainage system in Eyhorne Street as part of their plan to resolve the flooding problem in the Tanyard Green area. They have already cleaned the system which has suffered from overflows after heavy rain sdince the summer of 2015. Hollingbourne Parish Council has asked them to monitor the situation and to consider all possibilities with a view to obtaining a final resolution in the near future. Hollingbourne Parish Council has previously resolved to oppose all new housing applications until both the surface water drainage and the sewerage issues are properly resolved.

MBC Planners decided on 25th August to defer a decision on a planning application to build a two bedroomed house with a garage on the site of five garages and a flat in Eyhorne Mews which is in the Conservation Area. The plans have been strongly opposed on a number of grounds by local residents and by Hollingbourne Parish Council. Concerns include the very narrow access and the possible loss of garages in an area where parking facilities are limited. Prior to the planning meeting in the Town Hall the MBC Planning Committee Chairman Councillor John Perry visited the site and drove his car through the very narrow entrance and in doing so scrateched the side of his car! The next MBC Planning Committee meeting is on 15th September.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has noted the arrival of a static residential caravan in the grounds of Snagbrook House and the owner is being contacted as planning permission will be required if it to become a permanent structure.

The Editor of the Hollingbourne Parish Magazine wishes it to be known that no anonymous contributions will be accepted for publication.

The Cherry Picker which was formerly outside the Pavings and then in Athelstan Green is now in the Windmill PH Car Park.

Network Rail was contacted on 13th June by Hollingbourne Parish Council about the state of Station Lane and the verges in particular. Some 2+ months later their Community Relations Department has decided today to refer the matter to South Eastern Trains.

The Kent Fire and Rescue Service attanded a fire at Allington Farm on the Pilgrim’s Way over August Bank Holiday Weekend which destroyed a tractor and a baler.

The Hollingbourne street lighting project to install conservation style lanterns with low energy but brighter LED lights is now complete. Hollingbourne Parish Council took action on the matter after Maidstone Borough Council withdrew funding for the previous lights which needed replacing. Kent County Council also made a grant of £8000 towards the £20,000 cost.

Upper Street residents have noticed that the church clock has stopped chiming. The Churchwarden has been asked to investigate.

Christopher’s Village Shop sells many products named after their inventors including Heinz soups but not many of those products still have an inventor currently involved in the business. One exception is Burns Dog Foods which are stocked by the Christopher’s Village Shop.

Pictured below is Mr John Burns MRCVS of Burns Dog Foods with a Hollingbourne dog owner at the recent Pembrokeshire County Show in Haverfordwest.