Pictures of some of the Arena events at the 2016 Fete.

Pictures of some of the Arena events at the 2016 Fete.

The Hollingbourne Annual Fete and Exemption Dog Show was held today and some pictures of the Arena events are published here. The KCC website platform used by Hollingbourne Parish Council only allows a limited number of pictures per page so here are a few of the happenings at today’s event which was attended by almost a thousand people.

Photographs of the medal winners in the sports events will be shortly available from Christopher’s Village Shop in Eyhorne Street.

Pictured below are (top left) the Williams family testing the sports rostrum, (top right) the Hollingbourne CP School dancing around the maypole, (middle left) the judging of the handsomest boy class in the dog show, (middle right) entrants for the dogs’ fancy dress competition, (bottom left) the cars from the motorcade through Hollingbourne prior to the opening of the Fete, and (bottom right) a local resident enjoying the day.

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