Planning permission granted for Musket Lane development.

Planning permission has been granted for four houses in Musket Lane on the site of the Hollingbourne Property Services Limited builders yard. Following strong protests by local residents who were supported by Hollingbourne Parish Council, the initial planning application was refused by Maidstone Borough Council but this decision has been reversed on appeal to a Planning Inspector.

The concerns of local residents included problems with access via Musket Lane with the Parish Council supporting residents. Other concerns include the lasck of infrastructure in the village and the as yet uinresolved problems with the sewerage system which can cause flowback.

Other Hollingbourne housing developments in the pipeline include 10 houses from Fernham Homes between Godfrey House and Claygate and 12 houses from Country House Developments alongside the Windmill Lane public footpath. Hollingbourne Parish Council has been promised a presentation from Fernham Homes for some months while Country House Developments gave one at the July Meeting.

Concern was expressed about the Windmill Lane access in particular and the fact that it will be single track for about 60 metres from Eyhorne Street with no passing places or room for a pavement over a privately owned and maintained public footpath whose owners have not been consulted.  Details of the devlopment in the MBC Draft Local Plan are at /hollingbournepc/UserFiles/file/MBC%20Housing%20Sites%20Assessment%20Criteria%202014%20Pages%20708-711.docx. The Parish Council has been advised by Southern water that no sewerage capacity check has been done on the site.

A summary of the Musket Lane application from the Maidstone Borough Council Planning Portal is as follows:-

15/508307/FULL | Erection of 4 dwellings and relocation of access to builder’s yard as shown on drawing numbers P1515-200 Rev A, , P1515-300 Rev A, P1515-327; dated 14-10-2015 and P1515-100 Rev B, P1515-50 Rev B; dated 30-10-2015 and P1515-225 Rev B, P1515-226 Rev B, P1515-325 Rev B, P1515-326 Rev B; dated 01.12.2015, and supporting documents: Topological Survey by Boundaries Partnering; dated 8-05-2015 and Arboricultural Implications Report (ref: ha/aiams1/musketla); dated 23-06-2015 and Preliminary Ecological Appraisal by KB Ecology (ref: 2015/06/02); dated 16-06-2015 and Design and Access Statement; dated 9-10-2015. | Eyhorne Green Musket Lane Hollingbourne Kent ME17 1UU

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