Report of All Saints’ Hollingbourne Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council of All Saints’ Hollingbourne has supplied the following unapproved minutes for the Hollingbourne website. Future meetings will be reported on the website in due course.

MINUTES for Hollingbourne Parochial Church Council Meeting on Thursday, 22nd March, 2018, at 7.30 p.m. at THE VICARAGE

Chairman Revd. Paul Kite
Present Pauline Stubbs, Phil Smith, Jim Findlay, Derek Bilbrough, Paula Bilbrough, Gill Brown, Natalie Williams, Valerie Lurcock, Peter Lurcock and John Cobbett

1. Prayers and Welcome
• Revd Paul Kite opened with a prayer, welcomed everyone and thanked Liz for coming.
2. Apologies for Absence
• Shula Lee, Sue King and David Silsbey.
3. Notification of AOB
• A problem with the toilet was discussed.
4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 25th January 2018
• Amendments made where necessary, and the charitable giving came to a total of £391.
5. Matters arising from these Minutes, not on current Agenda
• N/A.
6. Correspondence
• Jim F mentioned that Hollingbourne Parish Council has an assembly linked to an outside speaker. It was noted that there was no PCC representative. This will now be represented by John C.

7. Churchwardens’ Report
• The memorial stone changes would like to be put in place, but looking to see if a faculty is needed. A £27 cheque has been received to change the memorial.
• Jim F mentioned that Hucking need grants for their building work to take place.
• Jim F also mentioned that on the 16th June, there is to be a concert in the church with singers and a pianist with drinks and nibbles provided at a cost of £10 a ticket, with the proceeds being shared between the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust and All Saints’ Church . This was proposed by Jim F and seconded by Val L.

8. Fabric Report
• The Church roof is currently being worked on.
• Culpepper tapestry’s location will be discussed once the church roof has been completed.
o Phil suggested that the tapestry could be on display during the concert.
• Yew Tree – still awaiting a response about the next plan of action.
9. Social Committee
• Pauline S thanked her team for the huge effort that went into making the posies and cakes. Unfortunately there were only 2 children in church for the Mothering Sunday service.
• Easter egg hunt is to take place in the church and will be advertised on the parish website.
• Now working towards the village fete.
10. Treasurer’s Report
• Balances end February: Current A/C £35,591; Manwell Bequest £60,478; CBF General £2,182; Fabric £2,820; Culpeper £653; Bells £3,263.
• Significant Receipts: The Magazine Advertising has yielded £1950 this year, just 2% less than last year. The collections for the DBF Madagascar Appeal yielded £391, so a good start to charitable donations for the year.
• Significant Payments: The only major payment so far this year is the Parish Share at £23,530.
• Although it was agreed at the last meeting that the Treasurer should invest 4 x £3,000 at monthly intervals in the CBF Church of England Investment Fund, the Treasurer held back the first tranche, taking consideration of the market, but plans to commence in April.

11. Approval of accounts – 2017

• Amendments were suggested and will be approved once made. This will be jointly signed by Jim F and Phil S.

12. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
• This is to take effect from the 25th May 2018
• The church will need to be compliant where necessary and the appropriate forms will need to be created and circulated
• A Data Protection Officer role will need to be created to work with Revd. Paul K.
13. Deanery Synod Report
• Paula B attended a meeting held on the 14th March with Bishop Trevor and Julian Hills, where it was mentioned that costs will be going up due to the replacement clergy.
• Revd. Paul K mentioned that the Stewardship Team could possibly visit the PCC to explain how the Parish Share works. It was asked if the PCC would like this to happen, which would include Detling and Boxley. The suggestion is to raise this with the Benefice treasurers and Church Wardens.
14. Prayer Group
• Derek B thanked Pauline S and Bryan for hosting the group, which still meets regularly.
15. Administration/Office
• From the Vision Day, Revd. Paul K said that the Baptism system had been changed at Boxley. He went on to say it made sense to adopt the same procedures across each of the parishes. A baptism pack will shortly be available to outline the changes that have taken place.

16. Health & Safety and Safeguarding
• A problem with the toilet was discussed.
• Jim F and Val L have completed their C2 Safeguarding training.

17. Annual Meetings & Membership
• N/A

18. Baptism Services
• During the family communion services held on the 1st Sunday of the month, this is the only time that a baptism can take place.
• A new Baptism pack will need to be collected from the church, followed by a preparation course and the parents will need to attend church.
• There will be no baptisms taking place in March, August or December.

19. Marriage of Divorcees
• Revd. Paul K proposed, and was seconded by Jim F, that “divorcees should be allowed to marry in Hollingbourne Parish church provided the couple met the House of Bishops guidelines on remarriage”. Vote approved.

20. Inter-churches Social Committee
• Revd. Paul K proposed this idea, so that there would not be a clash of dates between the different churches for events that take place. Discussions are ongoing.

21 Mission Giving in Parishes
• Revd. Paul K proposed a joint committee, but this has not been received well in the Benefice. Revd. Paul K wants the treasurers to have the main say on how much money should be donated for each church.
• Phil S wants to find out how much each church in the Benefice is already giving to charities/appeals.
• A decision will be made after the APCM about how this issue can be resolved.

22 Displays and posters for Easter etc
• The idea of having a display banner to welcome visitors was discussed.

23 Community Wardrobe
• Revd. Paul K mentioned that in Sittingbourne schools they have a collection of old school uniform that could be passed on to disadvantaged families. Revd. Paul K will speak to Helen about Hollingbourne Primary School to see if they would like help with this scheme.

24 Any Other Business
• Revd. Paul K proposed that long standing members of the PCC who stand down from a post are to be given a gift to show appreciation. This was agreed unanimously.
• Derek B wanted to raise the point that the Children Society helps children throughout the year, but that a young persons funding stops at the age of 17, where they are left to fend for themselves, this is where the charity then tries to support them. Therefore to consider not just giving to this charity at the Christingle service once a year, but throughout the year.

25 Confidentiality
• 7, 15, 16, 24

26 Dates of next meeting – Annual Meetings Sunday 22nd April
• APCM to be held after the service, followed by a short PCC meeting