Report of All Saints’ Hollingbourne Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council of All Saints’ Hollingbourne has supplied the following unapproved minutes for the Hollingbourne website. Future meetings will be reported on the website in due course.

MINUTES for Hollingbourne Parochial Church Council Meeting on Thursday, 24th May, 2018, at 7.30 p.m. at THE VICARAGE

Chairman Revd. Paul Kite
Present Jim Findlay, Gill Brown, Natalie Williams, Valerie Lurcock, Peter Lurcock, Jo Horton, Hugh Fox and John Cobbett

1. Prayers and Welcome
• Revd Paul Kite opened with a prayer,
2. Apologies for Absence
• David Silsbey and Phil Smith
3. Notification of AOB
• Gill enquired about who’s responsibility Church Approach was
4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 25th January 2018
• Amendments made
5. Election of Officers
• Synod Rep = Jo H and Jim F for two years
• Data Protection Officer to collate forms to Revd Paul K = Jim F
• Treasurer = Phil S
• Safe Guarding Officer = Val L
6. Matters Arising not on Agenda
• None

7. Correspondence
• Jo H circulated Diocesan correspondence

8. Churchwardens’ Report
• Jim F commented on concert tickets being low and therefore would need to see if it could go ahead
• Phill S concerned about a Benefice treasurers meeting to discuss the Parish Share
• Val L mentioned that the leak has now been fixed in the toilet
• Val also mentioned that it has been suggested that a new drain cover inside the church kitchen is needed at a cost of £185 + VAT. This was proposed by Gill B and seconded by Natalie W, with a unanimous vote in favor of having the drain cover replaced
• Peter L to put a seal around the drain cover as a temporary fix

9. Treasurer’s Report
• Balances end April: Current A/C £38,145; Manwell Bequest £60,963; CBF General £2,182; Fabric £2,822; Culpeper £653; Bells £3,253; CofE Investment Fund £3,000.
• Significant Payments: The annual church insurance of £2,187 was paid in March, and the first tranche of investment in the CofE Investment Fund of £3,000 paid in early April.
• May has been a significant month for expenditure: total invoices for the vestry roof project were £17,091, and a second tranche of investment of £3,000 was made.
• Significant Receipts: the Friends of Hollingbourne All Saints kindly donated £10,500 towards the cost of the renewed Vestry Roof. Robin Gill again donated £100 to the church.
• Hollingbourne is well-represented on the Diocesan Parish Share Review Committee which will look at how to set and communicate the requirements. It met last week for the first time, and includes both Jim Findlay and the Treasurer. The North Downs Deanery group to review the allocation of Parish Share across the Deanery for 2018, however, has fallen into a trough of inaction. The Deanery Treasurer appears to be sidestepping the issue, as is Steve Hughes.

10. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Privacy Notices
• Revd. Paul K says that the church has the legitimate right to hold personal data, but it can only be used for that purpose. A privacy notice to be put into the church when completed.
11. Deanery Synod Report
• Currently had no meetings
• Jo H asked is anyone wishes to join the Synod

12. Prayer Group

• Continues, but now as a loss of Derek and Paula B.
• Mary Tasker from Boxley might like to be contacted to join the group

13. Health & Safety and Safeguarding
• Val L (Health and Safety Officer) has nothing to report
• Val L (Safeguarding Officer) To look at the Bishops direction to see what level to training people need
• Hugh F and Jo H to do their training
• Sidesmen need to do the next level of training

14. Website
• All information to go to Xander as a central point for data to be uploaded onto the Pilgrims Way website

15. Joint Service Collections
• 5th Sunday’s collection to be given to the church that is hosting the service and charity giving to be kept separate
16. Any Other Business
• Steve Hughes will be retiring on the 19th August – so a new Area Dean needs to be found, with support from Revd. Paul K for Leeds, Broomfield and Kingswood
• John C is the inconvant for the parishes
• Ottham and Langley will have no inconvant until someone is found
• The Culpepper Tapestry will be coming back to church
• Revd. Paul K suggested a floor plan be created for visitors to highlight areas of interest
• Gill is happy to look into the history of the church to produce a guide for visitors
• Revd. Paul K mentioned that Bishop Trevor will be at Boxley on the 2nd September for a 9:30am service. There will be no service at Hollingbourne that week
• Revd. Paul K said that for Baptisms, children would be given a bible as a gift to those being baptised. This was proposed by Jim F and seconded by John C. Everyone was in favor.
• Jo H asked where possible if the service details could be updated monthly. This point has been noted
• Jo H asked for a rota for intercessions. Jim F also raised the point that more people were needed for intercessions. As a result of this, Val L will put a rota together

17. Confidentiality
• 8,14,16

18. Dates of next meeting
• Wednesday 18th July at 7:30pm in the Vicarage