Report of All Saints’ Hollingbourne Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council of All Saints’ Hollingbourne has supplied the following unapproved minutes for the Hollingbourne website. Future meetings will be reported on the website in due course. Details of the latest Quinquennial Report on the fabric of All Saints’ Church that has been prepared by an architect for the Parochial Church Council appears in the Leeds and Hollingbourne Benefice section of Site Pages where details of forthcoming church services may be found.

Minutes for Hollingbourne Parochial Church Council Meeting on Thursday, 13th July, 2017, at 7.30 p.m. at All Saints Church.


Chairman    Jim Findlay

Present          Pauline Stubbs, Derek Bilbrough, Paula Bilbrough, John Cobbett, Gill Brown, Natalie Williams, Sue King, Phil Smith, Valerie Lurcock, Peter Lurcock and Shula Lee



  1. Prayers and Welcome
  • Derek opened with a prayer and Jim F thanked everyone for attending.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  • Steve Hughes.


  1. Minutes of the Meeting on 30th March, 2017.
  • Signed as a true record.


  1. Matters arising from these Minutes, not on current Agenda
  • The carpet has now been tacked down.


  1. Ministry and Mission


  1. a) Prayer Group
  • Continuing to be held at Penn Court and Brian’s house usual time and place. Next Wednesday the meeting will be held at Brian’s house, all are welcome.


  1. Weddings
    • There are due to be 4 weddings held this year and 3 booked for next year in July.


  1. c) Christening
  • Was held last week by Robyn Williamson.


  1. Our new Priest.
  • Reverend Paul Kite is being appointed as team vicar with responsibility inter alia for All Saints Hollingbourne. The PCC noted its pleasure at his appointment.
  • Graham Bibby is taking up the role of missioner to the Benefice.
  1. Licencing Service on 25th September at Boxley Church
  • See above for more details.
  • Volunteers have been asked for, to help Paul move in and to help get the garden straight as he wishes to move in in August.
  • Paul may require administrative help to cover the workload of such a large number of churches.


  1. Possible union of our church with Hucking.
  • No report on this matter at this time.


  1. Treasurer’s Report
  • To follow.


  1. Fabric Report
  2. a) Vestry roof


  • Awaiting the go ahead to be fixed.


  1. Culpeper Tapestry
  • Discussions ongoing.


  1. The Magazine
  • N/A
  1. Social Report.
  • Successful village Fete.
  • Working towards the BBQ on the 19th August – a poster will be taken to Boxley and Detling churches to advertise as all are welcome.


  1. Correspondence received.
  • Ralf Bulldock is to receive a special service in church next Thursday (20th July) at 2:45pm to say thank you for his commitment and hard work over many years as Head Teacher at Hollingbourne Primary School.
  • John Corbin will lead the service and the Cordwell Previlion will be available for additional parking – John C to send email to confirm the additional parking will be available.
  • A gift will also be presented on behalf of the PCC.


  1. Matters subject to restricted access.
  • 9, 11 and 14.


  1. Any Other Business
  • Helen Bradley-Wyatt is to become the new Head Teacher on Hollingbourne Primary School.
  • 30th July is the next Benefice Service to be held at Hollingbourne for 10:30am. The Social committee will make refreshments.
  • 1st Sunday in October (1st October) our new Priest will lead the service.


  1. Date and time of next meetings.
  • Thursday 28th September – Provisional.