Report of All Saints’ Hollingbourne Parochial Church Council

The Parochial Church Council of All Saints’ Hollingbourne has supplied the following unapproved minutes for the Hollingbourne website. Future meetings will be reported on the website in due course.

MINUTES for Hollingbourne Parochial Church Council Meeting on Thursday 22nd November, 2018, at 7.30 p.m. at THE VICARAGE

Chairman Revd. Paul Kite
• Present Jim Findley, Jo Horton, Natalie Williams, Valerie Lurcock, Peter Lurcock, John Cobbett, Gill Brown, Hugh Fox, David Silsbey and Phil Smith

1. Prayers and Welcome
• Revd Paul Kite welcomed everyone and opened with a prayer,
2. Apologies for Absence
• N/A
3. Notification of AOB
• N/A
4. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 18th July 2018
• Amendments made
5. Matters Arising not covered on Agenda
• Jim F mentioned that a presentation was made to Derek and Paula Bilbrough, who have written to say thank you
• There is ongoing investigation about the yew tree
• Val L has a few volunteers that can come to tend the borders to the church entrance
• Jim F thanked Val L for organising the church for Remembrance Sunday and commented on how nice the service was
• Jo H asked for authorisation for the sacrament to be given – the was agreed unanimously by the PCC

6. Ministry & Mission

• N/A

7. Safeguarding
• Val L – would like to resign as Safeguarding Office at April
▪ The Diocesan booklet was now available in church
▪ The policy was now available on the notice board with the contact details on

8. Correspondence
• Jo H mentioned that all correspondence on the 14th November had been circulated
• Gill passed on a message of thanks from a visitor to the church about the church open for visitors

9. Hucking
• David has received a quote for the windows, which is valid until the end of 2019
• David also mentioned that all funding needed has been found – currently looking into options available for claiming back VAT

10. Vicar’s Report
• Team Council meeting of the Benefice to be held on the 28th November, to agree on the best way of working out the Parish Share amongst the Benefice

11. Treasurer’s Report
• Balances end Aug: Current A/C £35,145; Manwell Bequest £60,963; CBF General £2,182; Fabric £2,829; Culpeper £654; Bells £3,2283; CofE Investment Fund £12,369.
• Significant Receipts: In October the Harvest Supper produced income of £380. There have been two funerals in November.
• Significant Payments: A further two transfers of £3,000 each have been made to the CBF CofE Investment Fund. Modifications for the case for the Culpeper Tapestry cost £260, and the new blinds cost £580. The collection on Armistice Day of £453 was donated to the Royal British Legion, with a further £20 for the cost of a wreath.
• Hollingbourne PCC were asked by the Deanery Treasurer to pay a 2019 Parish Share which is the 2018 Parish Share plus a requested Diocesan increase of 3.5%. We have restated our position which excludes subsidisation of Leeds and Detling parishes, but includes a subsidy to Hucking and the 3.5% increase. The Treasurers and Churchwardens of the Benefice meet on November 28th to discuss.

12. Fabric Report
• Culpeper Tapestry – Discussions underway about insurance options
• Peter L – A de-humidifier is now in the Vestry which has reduced the humidity level in the Vestry to a safe level needed to continue to preserve the tapestry in the cabinet
• Hugh F – Has donated a radiator for the Jones Room

13. Any Other Business
• Jim F mentioned that the Gentlemen’s Breakfast will be held on Saturday 24th November
• Val L asked for support for the Christmas Market, which is being held on the 1st December in the Village Hall
• An interview process for a candidate applying for the Southern Group is underway
• Jo H mentioned that the Denary Synod Report for the meeting held on the 23rd October has been circulated
• Jim F said that there is to be a presentation in Sunday 25th November for Pauline Stubbs after the service to thank her for all her hard work, dedication to the church and to wish her well. Pauline’s collection is to be given to the Maidstone Care Charity and will be presented with flowers

15. Matters Subject to Restricted Access
• 12 and 13

16. Dates of meetings for 2018
• Monday 14th January 2019 for 7:30pm – venue to be confirmed