Report of Hollingbourne Neighbourhood Contacts and Drivers Meeting in July.

Mrs Jean Talboys writes:-

Hollingbourne Neighbourhood Contacts and Drivers Meeting

 11th July 2017

The meeting was attended by 7 Contacts and 4 Drivers, Anne Bennett and Derek Bilbrough..

Those present had the opportunity of meeting and chatting to the new

Coordinators Alan and Anne Bennett who have kindly agreed to look after

the scheme in place of Jean Talboys who has been a Contact since it was

established by Hollingbourne PCC in 1980.

In 2015 the Neighbourhood Scheme became an independent village


Anne Bennett will be the new Contact for Bourneside .

Maureen Lee will be the new contact for Athelstan Green, Musket Lane and

Eyhorne Green and will not be on the Drivers List.

Your Contact has a revised drivers list and also a list of  organisations who can be approached to help with transport if  no-one in the village is available.

Passengers are expected to offer a contribution to the cost of petrol.

Doctor’s Surgeries are willing to deliver regular prescriptions to patients living in Hollingbourne who have difficulty in going to collect their medication.

The present list of Neighbourhood Contacts appears below:

Hollingbourne Neighbourhood Contacts

are able to put you in touch with friends living in Hollingbourne who will be happy to drive you to the doctor’s surgery or hospital.

Ashford Road                          Sarah Leggat                           630226

Athelstan Green                                     Maureen Lee                          880580

Bourneside Terrace                  Anne Bennett                          880616

Broad Street                             Lynn Brian                             880200

Claygates & Godfrey House    Shula Lee                                880067

Copse End & Culpeper Close   Malcolm & Adriana Smith      880447

Eyhorne Green                                     Maureen Lee                          880580

Eyhorne Street

 (North side 1-53                      Marilyn Walker                       880851

 (North side 57-103)                Janice Butler                           880382

 (North side Godfrey Meadow)   Christine Maynard                880613

 (North side railway- school)   Aileen Koehler-Price     07889885 366

 (South side Cotuams – 40)      Marilyn Walker                                     880851

 (South side 42-54 & 78-88)    Janice Butler,                           880382

 (South side 56-66)                  Judi Mills                                 880378

 (South side 104-126)              Aileen Koehler-Price     07889885 366

Firs Lane                                  Sarah Leggat                            630226

Greenway Court                      Pam Bland                               880583

Hadley Gardens                                Malcolm & Adriana Smith                       880447

Hasteds                                    Judi Mills                                 880378

Hollingbourne Hill                   Katie Brice                               880520

Hospital Road                          Jean Wellman                          880598

Manor Lane                             Pauline Stubbs                         880238

Musket Lane                            Maureen Lee                            880580

Pilgrims Way                           Pam Nash                                880309

Ringlestone Road                     Katie Brice                               880520

Tilefields                                 Shula Lee                                 880067

Troys Mead                             Christine Maynard                   880613

Upper Street                              Pauline Stubbs                                    880238

For Hospital transport arranged through Maidstone Volunteer Bureau

Phone 01622 756662 at least 3 days before your appointment.