Roxhill PLC appeal against MBC refusal to develop Woodcut Farm at M20 Junction 8.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has been advised of an appeal against the Maidstone Borough Council decision to refuse a planning application by Roxhill PC in 2015 to build a 46,523 square metre warehousing complex at Junction 8 of the M20 at Woodcut Farm which is within the Parish of Hollingbourne. This was the third major attempt over the last twenty five years to develop on the site and all previous attempts have been rejected following public enquiries at great expense to local council tax-payers.

All previous applications have been opposed by Kent County Council, Maidstone Borough Council, all local Parish Councils, Leeds Castle, CPRE, all local MP’s and Councillors, and by thousands of local residents. The appeal follows the publication of the Interim Report on the Maidstone Local Plan which envisaged development on Woodcut Farm.

According to a report in Private Eye (Number 1437 page 39) Roxhill PLC is ultimately controlled by FRXL Holdings Limited who are based in the tax haven of the Cayman Islands.

The notice that has been received by Hollingbourne Parish Council is as follows:


Notification of Appeal Lodged with the Planning Inspectorate

Proposal: Outline application for a mixed commercial development comprising B1(a),

B1(b), B1(c) and B8 units, maximum floor space 46,623 square metres. (access being


Location: Land At Woodcut Farm Ashford Road Hollingbourne

An appeal has been lodged by Roxhill Developments Ltd in relation to the above for the

following reason: The Council has refused permission for this application.

The Planning Inspectorate/Secretary of State has decided that the appeal will be

determined on the basis of a Public Inquiry.

The Council has been asked to give notice of the appeal to owners and occupiers of

properties near the site as well as other interested parties. Any comments and/or

representations received in relation to this application have already been forwarded to

the Planning Inspectorate and will be considered by the Inspector when deciding the

appeal. If you wish to add to modify or withdraw your previous representations then you

can do so by contacting the Planning Inspectorate by email to: or in writing to Room 3/0,Temple Quay House,2 The

Square,Bristol,BS1 6PN, quoting reference(s)

APP/U2235/W/16/3165998. by 10th March 2017

The full text of the notification can be downloaded using the link at the bottom of the page. 

Download (PDF, 58KB)

Pictured below is the original design that was supplied to Hollingbourne Parish Council in June 2013.

Roxhill Page 1