Southern Water says Keep it Clear.

Southern Water are yet to fix a date to improve the Hollingbourne sewerage system which has to be jetted out on a regular basis via a manhole in the garden of a house in Hasteds in order to prevent backflow. The 14 new houses built by Wealden Homes in Eyhorne Street which are shortly to be occupied use a giant receptor tank for their daily sewerage which is then pumped into the village system in the early hours of the morning. In the meantime Southern Water’s Sarah Feasey has asked Hollingbourne Parish Council to publicise their “Keep it Clear Campaign”.

Full details of Southern Water’s Keep It Clear Campaign are at but the main points are summarised below:-

Keep It Clear

Our sewers and the drains in your home are only designed to carry the three Ps – pee, poo and paper.

Every year there are thousands of blockages in these pipes, caused by people flushing the wrong things down the toilet or pouring fats, oils and grease down the sink.

Your pipes are smaller than you think, about 10cm, so even a small blockage can cause sewage to flood your home or garden

The cost of repairs and to clean up flooding can also add up to a hefty bill.

So, we are running a campaign between now and 2020 to visit homes in ‘blockage hotspots’ with advice on how to keep our sewers and your drains clear.

Our team will be knocking on the doors of nearly 20,000 homes each year to share information about what and what not to flush down the loo or pour down the sink and drains.

We’ll also be checking manholes and putting cameras in sewers to check they are working properly, and using high-powered water jets to clear any blockages we find.

Hollingbourne Parish Council unsucessfully objected to the Wealden Homes development on the meadow next to the bourne in May 2014 because of known limitations with the sewerage system which had been identified in 2007 when another developer sought to build 14 houses but then discovered that the sewerage system might not be able to cope. Southern Water offer to provide a sewerage capacity check to developers but none was done for the Wealden Homes new development opposite Godfrey House in Eyhorne Street.

The first residents of the new houses are expected to move in by Christmas although not all houses seem likely to be ready by then. The development currently lacks any pavements which suggests that pedestrians will have to walk in the road which KCC Highways have declined to adopt because the surface water drainage arrangements do not meet their specifications.

In addition to problems with the foul water sewer there are unresolved issues with Eyhorne Street ground water drainage which have culminated in occasional flooding around Tanyard Green. These started in June 2015 and KCC Highways are yet to confirm to Hollingbourne Parish Council that the problem has been resolved.