Street lighting project under way.

The first lanterns for Hollingbourne’s street lighting project have now been installed and the rest are expected to be in place in early August. All of the lamp standards are being painted black to match the retro style “gas lamp” lanterns which are illuminated by low energy LED electric lights.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has contracted with Streetlights UK to replace all 23 of the present lights in Hollingbourne which have been installed over several decades in a multitude of styles and heights with several not being very reliable. The scheme is funded by Hollingbourne Parish Council and part supported by an £8,000 grant from Kent County Council that has been organised by local KCC Councillor Jenny Whittle.

The new and old lights are technically footpath lights as some are too far apart to qualify as streetlights which would be funded by Kent County Council. They have declined to pay in total for the footpath lighting which was previously funded by Maidstone Borough Council who withdrew their support to local village including Hollingbourne a few years ago.

The lantern style was chosen as being appropriate for the Conservation Areas of Hollingbourne and because old pictures of Hollingbourne feature similar lights but ones which were lit by gas. Additionally all of the lamp standards are being reduced to a uniform height of just over 4 metres. It was originally expected that the new lights which are brighter than the old ones would be in place in the autumn but the new lanterns became available ahead of the expected schedule.

Pictured below is the first new light that is to be completed in Eyhorne Street almost opposite Chrisatopher’s Village Shop.