Successful beer and music festival despite Eyhorne Street parking problems.

Yesterday’s annual Hollingbourne Beer and Music Festival at the Windmill by Richard Phillips was well attended despite a lack of parking at the rear of the public house where the Village Hall car park was reserved for a long standing booking in the Hall. As a result every parking space in Eyhorne Street, Hasteds, Tilefields, and Musket Lane was taken and there was also parking on the verges by the M20 motorway bridge.

The music started just before midday and continued until 8pm and featured many local bands. The local Musket brewery provided a lot of the beer in a special fenced off section of the Windmill PH car park.

The car park alongside the single track Windmill Lane quickly filled up and it became impossible to turn in the Lane which is the access route for a proposed new development of 10 houses in the field opposite which a drive in by the Village Hall. As well as a restriction on public use of the Village Hall car park, the car park of the neighbouring Sugar Loaves PH was also closed to non-customers. The Sugar Loaves is having a Totally Tropical Night on 19th August. It is understood that the Village Hall Committee tried to avoid a clash of dates between the Festival and their booking in order to avoid the resulting parking problems.

Richard Phillips has recently signed a twenty year lease on the Windmill PH with EI Group PLC who are also the landlords of the Village Hall where the lease expired in August 2016. He has agreed in principle that the Hollingbourne Parish Council can attach a defibrillator for public use to the side of the Windmill although he is reluctant to place it on the Lane side because of frequent damage to the building by passing vehicles. The Parish Council would like to install another defibrillator in Upper Street possibility outside or near to the Dirty Habit PH. A further one for the Culpeper area near to the Hollingbourne CP School is also a possibility.

Pictured below are Loose Change who headlined the event.

Loose Change at the Windmill Beer and Music Festival in July 2017.

A sign restricting parking in the Windmill PH car park which is approached via a 3 metre wide public footpath. 

The outside wall of the Windmill PH which is often hit by vehicles.

Vehicles lined up in the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area with others scattered all over the village.

Vehicles parked up in Eyhorne Street for the Windmill Beer and Music Festival.