The 40’s and 50’s is the theme for the 2018 Village Fete.

The Hollingbourne Summer Fete Committee has decided that the theme for the 2018 Fete on 9th June 2018 will be the 1940’s and 1950’s which followed the WW2 and was the start of a period of economic growth and a peace in most of Europe for 73 years which is perhaps the longest period in history. Hopefully attendees at the Fete will wear the clothes from the period including demob suits for the men with Brylcreem on top and stockings and pencil skirts for the ladies with other clothes from the era. The music from the era stretches from Glenn Miller up to Rock and Roll and just beyond.

The first Summer Fete and Exemption Dog Show Committee meeting was held this evening in the Dirty Habit and it was agreed that more stalls are needed for the 2018 in order that the event should not cost the Parish Council any money as costs were expected to increase over previous years notably with the supply of lavatories and other services. It was agreed to not increase the Stall prices from £15 for Hollingbourne organisations, £20 for non Hollingbourne organisations, and £25 for commercial traders in the hope that there would be more stalls. Bookings may be made via the Parish Clerk at or Tel 880526.

The Fete Committee is keen that more residents become involved and that there are more attractions for teenage and younger residents. The only confirmed arena entertainment so far is a display by the pupils of Hollingbourne County Primary School.

The next Fete Meeting will be on 18th December at 8pm in the Dirty Habit in Upper Street. All are welcome.

Pictured below is a MGTF, one of the iconic cars from the period, at a previous Hollingbourne Fete.

An MGTF pictured at the 2012 Hollingbourne Village Fete on the Lance Memorial Playing Field where the 2018 Fete will be held.