Traffic lights for Hollingbourne Corner? What do you think? – UPDATED.

Hollingbourne Parish Council is to consider an idea for installing part-time traffic lights at Hollingbourne Corner on the A20. The idea will be discussed at the January Parish Council Meeting on 8th January and if approved the proposition will be passed to Kent County Council Highways for their consideration.

Every week day morning from approximately 7.30am to 8.30am Eyhorne Street is jammed with cars waiting to get on to the Hollingbourne Corner roundabout by the Great Danes – Mercure Hotel. The queue can often reach a mile back to Hollingbourne County Primary School. As Eyorne Street is narrow in places with limited passing facilities, traffic coming into the village from the A20 is also held up.

Pressure from Maidstone Borough Council to build more houses next to Godfrey House and in the single track Windmill Lane where there is no drive in from Eyhorne Street will only add to the problem. Local residents say that it can easily take ten minutes to enter Eyorne Street from Windmill Lane in the mornings.

The idea is that the lights would only operate during the morning and evening rush hours, when Leeds Castle has a major event such as the Summer Concert in July and the Fireworks in November, and during Operation Stack. After Brexit Operation Stack could become a regular event because of the withdrawal from the European Transit Convention which would mean that the 5000+ lorries a day going down the M20 past Hollingbourne will take an average of 20 minutes to go through Customs at Dover and the Channel Tunnel instead of the two minutes at present.

Congestion around Hollingbourne Corner and Ehyorne Street queues are likely to become worse because of delays with the Leeds/Langley relief road and because of large scale commercial development just along the A20 at Junction 8 of the M20. The end of the Hollingbourne (13) bus service in March may also increase the amount of vehicles entering the roundabout from the B2163/C603 (Eyhorne Street)

The Parish Council Meeting will be held in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm on 8th January and members of the press and public are invited to attend.

If you have any views on the subject or queuing experiences that you would like to share please send them to the Parish Clerk Tel 880526

UPDATE as of 8th January 2018 – Hollingbourne Parish Council voted unanimously at the January Parish Council meeting to request Kent County Council to install part-time traffic lights at Hollingbourne Corner and at the Leeds Castle roundabout on the A20. At the same meeting it was reported that Rodmersham Parish Council has asked for support in opposing the development of 11,500 new houses on the Sittingbourne Science Park which could result in much more traffic on the B2163/C603 through Hollingbourne to and from the M20 and thus more gridlock for Eyhorne Street. It was agreed that the Parish Council should support Rodmersham Parish Council and the others in the Sittingbourne area that are opposing the development.

Pictured below is Hollingbourne Corner with a stream of traffic going down the A20 towards Leeds Castle where part-time lights might make a difference to Hollingbourne’s traffic.

Possible site for part-time traffic lights at Hollingbourne Corner on the A20.