What a sauce! – Village Hall daubed in red!

What a sauce! – Village Hall daubed in red!

The front door of the Hollingbourne Village Hall has been daubed with a red liquid overnight which suspiciously looks like tomato ketchup!

The Village Hall Committee is aware of the vandalism and the red will be removed in due course.

The Hall is on land owned by Enterprise Inns PLC and is reached by the Windmill Lane public footpath from Eyhorne Street which runs alongside the Windmill Public House.

The Lane is being proposed for road access to a possible development of 12 large houses in the field on the opposite side of the Lane by Country House Developments Limited which would include a drive in from the Lane close to the front end of the Village Hall. Mr Guy Osborne of Country House Developments Limited gave a presentation about the scheme at yesterday evening’s Parish Council Meeting in the Cardwell Pavilion. Members expressed serious concern about the width of the footpath as the access road and the fact that Enterprise Inns PLC who own most of the footpath had not been consulted.

Pictured below is the front door of the Village Hall covered in red stuff!