Windmill Lane planning application for 12 houses withdrawn.

The planning application for 12 houses alongside Windmill Lane in Hollingbourne has today been withdrawn by the applicant. The application was made on 13th December 2016 since which time objections have been lodged by Hollingbourne Parish Council, Hollingbourne Village Hall Committee, and a large number of local residents. Most objections were based on the fact that the site access would be via the single track Windmill Lane which is just over 3 metres in width at one point and has no passing places or space for pedestrians in the 60 metre stretch from Eyhorne Street to the site entrance. Kent Council Council Highways also expressed concerns about the safety of pedestrians.

Windmill Lane is privately owned public footpath (PROW KH199) and the owners had not been consulted prior to the application being made.

For more details please go to the Maidstone Borough Planning website at and enter the Reference Number 16/508436/FULL.

According to the Maidstone Planning website the application was withdrawn following advice from the Planning Department. It is possible that a revised application for fewer houses may be made at some point in the future.

The owners of the key part of the Lane between the Windmill PH and Stable Cottage are EI Group PLC, formerly Enterprise Inns PLC, who  declined to renew the Village Hall lease that expired in August 2016 until such time as the Windmill Lane planning issue had been resolved. It is hoped that the withdrawal of the application for the 12 houses will mean that a new lease for the Village Hall, which is on EI Group PLC land, can be signed in the near future so that the position of the Village Hall, which was built in 1968, is secure.

At the present time the only other major housing development application in Hollingbourne is for 10 houses between Godfrey House and Claygate. This has been opposed by Hollingbourne Parish Council and details can be seen on the Maidstone Borough Planning website at Reference Number 16/508640/FULL. A development of four houses in Musket Lane on the former Hollingbourne Property Services yard is presently under construction and the Wealden Homes site of fourteen houses opposite Godfrey House is near to completion.

It is also understood that there may be an application in the near future for a retirement village on land to the rear and at the back of Cotuam’s Hall with access from Eyhorne Street from the driveway at Cotuam’s Hall. This site is on the same parcel land of land as the Windmill Lane development that was identified as a possible housing site by Maidstone Borough Council in 2014 (MBC Reference H03-189).

Pictured below earlier this year is Windmill Lane with the development site on the right and the Village Hall on the left.