Woodland Trust announces Hucking Estate events for 2018.

The Woodland Trust has announced a series of Hucking Estate events for 2018 starting with the Bluebell Walk which runs through April until early May. The Hucking Estate is at the top of Hollingbourne Hill and runs along the top of the North Downs towards the Hook and Hatchet Public House in Church Road, Hucking which has a small campsite.

Apart from the Bluebell Trail which is free there will be two guided Butterflies and Dragonflies walks and three Digital Photography Workshops between May and October. Other events may be announced in due course. The three hour walks are £10 and the six hour courses are £40.

For more information please follow the links below:-

12th May Butterflies and Dragonflies https://woodlandtrusttickets.cloudvenue.co.uk/guidedwalkathuckingbutterfliesanddragonfliesmay
13th May Digital Photography Workshop https://woodlandtrusttickets.cloudvenue.co.uk/digitalphotographyworkshopathucking
10th June Digital Photography Workshop https://woodlandtrusttickets.cloudvenue.co.uk/digitalphotographyworkshopathuckingjune
16th June Butterflies and Dragonflies https://woodlandtrusttickets.cloudvenue.co.uk/guidedwalkathuckingbutterfliesanddragonfliesjune
20th October Digital Photography Workshop https://woodlandtrusttickets.cloudvenue.co.uk/digitalphotographyworkshopathuckingoctober

Pictured below are bluebells in Hucking woods.

The Hucking Bluebell Trail in 2016.