A message from KCC Cabinet Member, Shellina Prendergast

Dear All,

You will all be aware that as of today Government guidance will allow people
to keep a social distance of ‘one metre plus’;  pubs, restaurants, hotels
and hairdressers can re-open; and two households will be able to meet up in
any setting.  With the easing of lockdown restrictions, the health of the
whole country is dependent on every single on us acting responsibly.

As the first peak of Coronavirus cases recedes and the planning for the
future reset and recovery proceeds, we can never be complacent about the
ongoing risk of a second surge in cases.  Kent County Council’s work on both
“Response” and “Recovery” to Covid-19 will continue side by side for some
time yet.

Over the last few weeks, as much effort has gone into ensuring Kent County
Council are ready to deal with any local outbreaks as has gone in to
supporting our residents and our businesses as they navigate safely and
effectively through to a less restricted life and a return to economic
health and vitality.

A new campaign was launched on Thursday, encouraging people to ‘Protect Kent
and Medway’ by playing their part if contacted by the NHS Test and Trace
programme.  It is designed to raise awareness and understanding (and reduce
confusion) amongst residents and communities of the Test and Trace system
and the Kent and Medway Outbreak Management Plan, and how they are operating
locally. It aims to instill a sense of personal and collective
responsibility amongst communities to stop the spread of the virus by
knowing how to protect themselves and others.   As leaders of local Public
Health advice and guidance, all of us at Kent County Council want our
residents to feel assured that the approach to Test and Trace and outbreak
management is well managed and effective.

All of us at Kent County Council have put as much effort into supporting the
county through and out of this period of crisis as we have in keeping people
safe.  This recent statement,  gives a flavour of some of the things that have been done.
There is of course far more – opening Household Waste and Recycling Centres;
providing PPE; repairing roads; welcome people to our country parks;
continuing to deliver services to vulnerable people; supporting schools and
businesses to name but a few.

Finally, I thought you might like to see the latest KCC newsletter –
https://mailchi.mp/kent.gov.uk/updates-from-kent-county-council  – which has
gone out to all those who have subscribed to Kent County Council’s recently
launched information service for residents.  As before, I would be very
grateful if you would share this widely with parishioners, friends and
family and encourage them to sign up for regular updates.  So much of what I
have said above requires a high level of community action and access to up
to date information will play a key part in this alongside the information
available on the kent.gov website.

As we move into a period which sees us having more freedom to do what we
want than has been the case for some time, I wish you all a very happy and
safe weekend and look forward to seeing you all very soon -whether in person
or “virtually”.

With my very best wishes


Shellina Prendergast
Member for Maidstone Rural East