A request from South East Water to save water during the present heatwave.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has received the following request for residents to save water during the present warm weather. Please Read More for further information.

During the recent heatwave as temperatures rise so has the demand for water, especially at weekends.

We’re pleased to say our water resources are in a good position for this time of year and would like to thank those of you who are leading the way by saving water and spreading the water efficiency message on our behalf.

But in the same way that motorways can become jammed during rush-hour traffic if people are filling super-sized paddling pools and using water sprinklers and hosepipes at the same time it adds huge pressure to our water network as we try to deliver the water quickly enough.

Key facts:

  • The average paddling pool now holds a whopping 530 litres of water – more than three times the total daily amount of water usually used by one person
  • Throughout the heatwave, we’ve been producing around an extra 100 million litres a day – the equivalent of 1.25 million toilet flushes
  • Sprinklers are extremely thirsty – in one hour they use the same as a family of four does in two days
  • Being water savvy in the sunshine eases pressure on our network of 9,000 miles of pipes, pumping stations and treatment works, which are working around the clock to keep taps running.

Saving water means saving money too – click the link below for top summer water saving tips and free water saving devices.

More information is at https://www.southeastwater.co.uk/

South East Water are aware of the recurrence of the leak outside of the Windmill PH in Eyhorne Street and have further plans to repair it which may include closing the road at some point. This possibility was mentioned when they last repaired the leak. Further advice is awaited.

The Windmill PH in Eyhorne Street. The leak is at the unction of the Windmill Lane Public Footpath (KH199) and Eyhorne Street (B2163/C603).