Accident blocks Eyhorne Street as two cars collide outside of the School.

A traffic accident involving two cars blocked Eyhorne Street outside of Hollingbourne County Primary School yesterday evening but fortunately nobody was injured although Kent Police attended the scene. 

The accident happened at a time when many cars were parked on the B2149 from the railway bridge up to and beyond the School where an evening event was taking place. The number of parked cars meant that Eyhorne Street was single track at this point where visibility is restricted by the curve in the road between the bridge and the School.

The road remained blocked until it was ascertained that nobody was injured in either of the cars. Local residents have previously expressed concern about this stretch of road especially as many drivers exceed the speed limit on the stretch of the B2149 between Godfrey Meadow and the entrance to Culpeper Close and may not see parked cars outside of the School when coming around the bend from the lower village.

Hollingbourne Parish Council is aware of the concerns of residents about speeding through the village and is investigating what action may be taken to make  the village safer.

Traffic issues may become worse in Hollingbourne if Maidstone Borough Council grants planning permission for a major development at Swanton Farm at Bicknor which could see many more HGV’s coming through Hollingbourne on the B2149. The MBC Planning Committee is due to consider the matter at their next meeting on Thursday 29th November at 6pm in the Town Hall. Hollingbourne Parish Council has already raised concerns about the impact of the traffic from this major development.

Pictured below are the two cars involved in the accident.  

The red car which was driven away once it was established that nobody was injured. Picture: Liz Willy.
The Blue Car which could not be driven away. Picture: Liz Willy.