All Saints’ Church Annual Report for 2011













31 DECEMBER 2011




Reference and Administrative Information



All Saints Church is situated in Upper Street, Hollingbourne. It is part of a single benefice with the parishes of Leeds and Broomfield and Hucking. It is part of the Diocese of Canterbury          within the Church of England.

The correspondence address is The Vicarage, Upper Street, Hollingbourne. ME17 1UJ


The Parochial Church Council is a charity excepted from registration with the Charity Commission. There is one associated restricted fund, the Culpeper Chapel Fund,    which     exists   to provide financial assistance with essential maintenance of the Culpeper Chapel.



            Priest-in-Charge:                     The Revd Nigel Fry


            Assistant Priest:                      The Revd Canon Robin Gill


            Authorised Lay Minister          Mr Derek Bilbrough



            Churchwardens                      Mr Jim Findlay

                                                            Mr William Perry


            Representatives on the Deanery Synod:

                                                            Mr Jim Findlay          

            Mrs Mary Rabbett


            Elected Members:

                                                            Mr John Cobbett

                                                            Mrs Frances Crossley

                                                            Mr Vernon Finch (resigned April 2011)

            Mr Jim Johnson         Treasurer

            Mrs Sue King (elected April 2011)

            Miss Marion Pring      

            Mrs Jean Talboys       Secretary & Electoral Officer



            National Westminster Bank plc

            3 High Street

            Maidstone ME14 1HJ




            Independent Examiner:

            Elizabeth M Jordan F.C.A.

            UHY Hacker Young

            Thames House

            Roman Square

            Sittingbourne ME10 4BJ








Structure, Governance and Management



The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules. All Church attendees are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll and stand for election to the PCC.


The PCC has the following four committees:


Standing Committee

This committee is required by law. It has the power to transact the business of the PCC between its meetings, subject to any directions given by the Council. The members of the Standing Committee are the Priest-in-Charge and the Churchwardens.

Finance Committee

The committee meets as required to review income and expenditure and to suggest which charities and organisations should be the subject of the year’s outward giving and advises the PCC accordingly.


Fabric Committee

This committee meets as required to review the requirements of the Quinquennial inspection, undertake everyday maintenance of the church building and fabric and advise the PCC accordingly.


Social Committee

The social committee was chaired by Mrs Jan Fry. Its membership is not confined to members of the PCC. This committee has relieved the PCC of the time required to arrange the various social and fund raising activities.


Objectives and Activities

All Saints is a parish church in a small village – the PCC makes sure that everyone is welcome to all of our services. Our church remains open for most of the day and provides a spiritual place of rest and refreshment for visitors and pilgrims travelling along the Pilgrims/North Downs Way.

When planning our activities for the year, the PCC has given consideration to the Charity Commission’s guidance on charities, and in particular the specific guidance on charities for the advancement of religion.


The Priest-in-Charge and the PCC try to enable ordinary people to live out their faith as part of our parish community through:-


            Worship and prayer; learning about the Gospel; and developing their knowledge and trust in Jesus.


            Provision of pastoral care for people living in the parish.


            Missionary and outreach work.



As well as our regular services, which are advertised on the Notice Board and Porch Board, we enable the community to celebrate and thank God at the milestones of the journey through life with Baptisms, Marriages and Funerals.


Hollingbourne PCC has the responsibility of co-operating with the Ministry Team in promoting in the Parish of Hollingbourne the whole mission of the church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. It has the responsibility for the maintenance of the fabric of the church, All Saints, Upper Street, Hollingbourne and the furniture, furnishings etc. within it.



Electoral Roll

The current Electoral Roll, prepared in 2007, now has 49 persons listed, of these 38 are resident and 11 non-resident.                                                                                                                         

                                                                                                                                           Jean Talboys






This year has seen seven people CRB checked to support their work at All Saints Church. This has been done through the Diocesan Board and the official church procedures. Similar checks have been completed through Hollingbourne for other people within The Benefice.


The Freedom’s Bill passes into Statute during 2012 and this will impact on the procedures in parishes. Canterbury Diocese will be providing training to ensure everyone complies with the new regulations.


We continue to be vigilant about the safety of everyone within our church, ensuring that people who “Meet and Greet” and who spend time with others, are aware of procedures. We are pleased to welcome all children and vulnerable adults into our church and will offer them care, protection and support in their worship.

Dawn Perry and Mary Rabbett



Achievements and Performance



Church Attendance

The average weekly attendance, counted during October, was 35, but this mean average figure includes the Harvest Family Service. The average attendance throughout the year was 31. Attendance at services for festivals, carol services and the Christmas Eve Midnight Eucharist was significantly higher than this. Attendance at the Easter Eucharist was 75 including 58 communicants.  This year we have been successful in welcoming more families into our church.



Review of the Year


Clergy Report

The last year has often been challenging as we all adjust to a slightly different pattern of worship, across our five churches – a pattern of services that reflects a reduction in available clergy. I am indebted to Robin Gill for all his help and support over the last year – particularly for his cover when I am on holidays but also for his help with Sunday services when he is available, from what seems a fairly busy life in semi-retirement.


We have seen good attendances at our seasonal services for Easter, Harvest and Christmas. The Christingle Service on Christmas Eve this year was a ‘full house’ of close to 300 people and a magnificent £486 was raised for the work of the Children’s Society. Other Sunday Services are also showing signs of sustained and increased attendance and this is very encouraging!


The reality of a trained and accredited Lay Ministry team came a step closer last year with Derek Bilbrough completing the ALM Pastoral Assistant’s course and also completing the Diocesan ‘Discipleship Course’ which is now the core module for all ALM courses. In addition, Derek has decided to complete further training in 2012 and has volunteered to do the elective ‘Worship Leaders Course’ and I am grateful to him for giving up a significant amount of his personal and family life. Training takes time, but I am confident that Derek will be able to provide some welcome and valuable assistance in church services in the future and also help me with some pastoral work.


Five others from Hollingbourne took part in the Canterbury Diocesan Discipleship Course in the autumn and whilst no immediate volunteers for further ALM training have come forward, one or two are giving it some serious thought. I am sure that Lay Ministry is our way forward in the future and I hope others will give this valuable ministry some thought and prayer.


Jan’s health has slowly improved over the last year and whilst she still has significant health issues to cope with, she has been an enormous support for my ministry over the last year. I am also very grateful to our Wardens, PCC, Sidesmen, Organists and Choir – and many others – who are helping to support and encourage our slowly growing church community. I hope and pray that we may continue to grow through 2012 and that we can work more in partnership with the other parishes in the Benefice.


Nigel Fry




PCC Report


Hollingbourne PCC met on seven occasions during 2011; twice at 10 Athelstan Green and on five occasions at the Vicarage. Members also attended the four Benefice Councils which were held at the Vicarage.

Jim Findlay was the Chairman of the February and March meetings and Will Perry for the five subsequent meetings. Sue King was elected at the APCM on 3rd April; Vernon Finch did not seek re-election.

Major Topics discussed:

            Adjustment of the pattern of services in the benefice following the retirement of Robin Gill

                                    and Norman Dabbs and the appointment of Nigel Fry as Priest-in-Charge.

            ‘Growing Forward Together’ renamed ‘Ministry and Mission’ included

                        Authorised Lay Ministry

                        Discipleship Course

                        Messy Church

                        Back to Church Sunday

                        Authorisation to Assist in Distribution of Sacrament

                        The establishment of an intercessions group

            The PCC also discussed:

            The updating of the Church Notice board and the Incumbents board.

            The responsibilities of Churchwardens and Sidesmen.

            The possibility of a Stewardship Trio Scheme in 2012

            The Appointment of a new Editor and production of Parish Magazine

            Maintenance of Churchyard trees and walls and the removal of unwanted vegetation.

            Repair of water main.

                                                                                                                                    Jean Talboys




Events and Activities


  • The ‘Hollingbourne Helpers’ initiative which was developed by the church continues to provide a valuable service in organising lifts, collecting prescriptions and generally providing neighbourly support through the village. There is a list of helpers and coordinators in the parish magazine.
  • The Parish magazine (produced by the church) continues to be a valuable resource for the village community and provides useful information on church services, activities and social events. In addition, the magazine provides useful information and reports of local village clubs and societies.