Annual season ticket from Hollingbourne to London to rise by £132 from January 2020 but no sign of maintenance for station.

Rail fare increases with effect from January 2020 have been announced today which should increase the basic annual season by 2.8% from Hollingbourne to London from £4700pa to £4832. Meanwhile Hollingbourne Station seriously needs redecoration and Station Lane to be properly maintained with the encroaching vegetation to be cut back to make it safe for pedestrians and vehicles.

A full list of current season ticket prices from Hollingbourne is at

The Station is unmanned and lacks any facilities apart from a small car park which is still free. There is ticket machine and a recently installed and expensive down platform disabled access into a field. Almost 50,000 passengers a year use the Station which is operated by South Eastern Railways. They have just had their franchise extended from November 2019 until next year.

Pictured below is the Station which badly needs redecoration (top) and the overgrown Station Lane (below).

The Golden Arrow at Hollingbourne in March 2018.
Station Lane in Hollingbourne – August 2019.