April 2009 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

Held on Monday 6th April 2009

  in the Cardwell Pavilion

at 7.30pm


Present: Mr Bedwell (Chairman), Mrs Baxter, Dr Bauer, Mr Mace, Mr Stephenson            Mr Williams

Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk) and members of the public.


1.         Apologies for absence  Mr Ward (work commitment)

                                                   Mr Cobbett (family commitment)


2.         Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests


There were no declarations of interest.

There were no amendments to the Register of Interests.


3.         Approval of minutes of last meeting

            (Circulated prior to meeting)


Mr Williams proposed that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted; the proposal was seconded by Mr Stephenson and agreed by all.  The Chairman signed the miutes.


4.         Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


         Mr Williams reported that he had met Mr Little whilst out walking and discussed with him a review which he had proposed undertaking regarding the recent libel case.  A discussion followed which included the fact that Mr Little may not be entirely independent in his findings given that he had already met with Mr Cobbett to discuss the matter.  It was however noted that Mr Little’s offer was generous insofar as it would not incur a further outlay of parish money as he had kindly offered his services free of charge.  It was agreed that the Clerk should discuss this further with Mr Little and report back to the Council. 

         A further workshop was arranged for 27th April at 7.30pm for evaluation & training.

         Mr Mace asked that it be noted that all current hirers/users of the Pavilion do so at a subsidised rate.

         Mrs Baxter reported that notice boards are due to be installed in the Pavilion  during the half-term break.

         The Village of the Year competition entry has been completed and sent – Mrs Baxter offered thanks on behalf of the Council for the help and input she had received from Mr William Perry.  The Council were pleased to note that Christopher Rudgard had agreed to enter the Retailer of the Year category this year.

         Mr Williams queried action regarding the overgrown hedge belonging to Mr Wright.  The Clerk confirmed she had not received any response to her earlier letter and confirmed further correspondence invoking input from KCC was ready to send.  Action: Clerk


5.         Crime Update

PCSO Baulf reported that there had only been one reported crime since last month, that of a theft from a motor vehicle parked in Culpeper Close.

There had been no attendance at the most recent surgery.


6.         Chairman’s report

The Chairman stated that the Council wished to operate in an open and transparent manner, and as the matter of the libel case was no longer in the hands of solicitors, the public are entitled, should they so wish, to see relevant paperwork on application to the Clerk.  He had written to Dr Bauer requesting clarification regarding her statement, but had not yet received a response.  He invited Dr Bauer to respond to the Council, but she declined.  Dr Bauer questioned why the Chairman had written to her, as there was no mention of a letter being sent in the minutes of the previous meeting at which she was not present.  Mr Bedwell replied that he had taken Chairman’s action in view of the discrepancies in the statement she had provided, and the facts as he knew them.  Mr Bedwell formally proposed to resend the letter asking for clarification on some points of Dr Bauer’s statement, seconded by Mr Mace and agreed by all.  Dr Bauer agreed to provide a response.  Action: MB/Clerk.

Mr Bedwell proposed agreeing to a request to hire the pitch and pavilion from MPE football club, seconded by Mr Williams and agreed by all.

The Annual Dads/Veterans (Real Madras) football tournament will take place over the weekend of 28th June.


7.        Finance Report

A list of cheques to be issued for March expenditure was circulated prior to the meeting.  Dr Bauer proposed that the cheques be issued, seconded and this was seconded by Mrs Baxter.

Mr Mace queried expenditure on annual mower servicing v. the cost of purchasing.  It was agreed that the Clerk would establish the background of the agreement and that Mr Williams would meet with the Village gardeners to discuss and report back to the Council. 

Action: Clerk & Mr Williams.  Mr Mace requested that all works should, as far as possible, be undertaken by VAT registered firms in order that the tax could be reclaimed.

There was no report available in the absence of Mr Cobbett.


8.        Clerk’s Report   Items covered elsewhere on the agenda.


 9.        Parks Committee  No report available in the absence of Mr Ward.


10.       Planning Report

            The following applications had been considered by the Planning Committee:-



Erection of detached garage with loft store room

Snagbrook Oast, ME17 1UA


Mr Stephenson proposed No Objection, seconded by Dr Bauer and agreed by all.







11.   Environmental Report

            Mr Williams reported fly tipping and the general mess surrounding the recycling bins at the beginning of Station Approach, which was cleared within 2 hours.  Thanks were extended to Mr George Gray, to whom all incidents of fly tipping should be reported to MBC, or the  local Reactive Pollution Team or report it onlineThe matter of the double entrance drive at 114 Eyhorne Street was raised.  The Clerk confirmed that MBC Enforcement team had declared the breach of planning rules insufficiently serious to warrant action, in spite of the near-miss accident that had been reported.


12.       Borough Councillor Report   No report to receive in the absence of Mrs Parvin


13.       CAP   No report received in the absence of Mr Ward.


14.       KIG Update    Mr Mace confirmed that MBC would hold their Planning Meeting at the TV Studios on 7 May, at which the formal decision would be made.  In view of the large numbers expected to attend, the ten o’clock rule (at which such meetings should end) has been lifted.  Mr Mace asked for, and was given, support to distribute another newsletter if necessary, or help to gather signatures should a petition be agreed by the Joint Parishes Group.  It was noted that SEEDA have backed the KIG proposals.


15.       Correspondence


A list of correspondence received since the last meeting had been circulated prior to the meeting.


16.      Items for Informationnil.



17.      Date of next meeting   Monday 11 May at 7.30pm

           NB This will be the AGM, followed immediately by the monthly meeting.