April 2010 Minutes.

                  Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

               held on Tuesday 13 April 2010   in the Village Hall at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr Bedwell (Chairman), Mr Cobbett (Vice Chairman), Dr Bauer,

Mr G Bryan, Mr F Stephenson, Mr A Ward, Mr A Williams.


Also in attendance: Ms E Lawrence (Clerk). PC Lee Tallon and PCSO Woods


1.         Apologies for absence  Mrs D Parvin



2.         Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests


There were no declarations of interest.

There were no amendments to the Register of Interests.


3.         Approval of minutes of last meeting

            (Circulated prior to meeting)


 The minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting and were duly signed by the Chairman


4.         Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)


            Mr Stephenson advised that the matter of cleaners/hirers responsibilities is on-going.  M.r Williams reported that there are still roadworks signs left dumped in the hedgerow following works on the A20.  Clerk to arrange removal/collection.


5.         Chairman’s Report


            Mr Bedwell reported that he and the Clerk had met with representatives from Kent Highway Services (Richard Emmet and Pam Kaur).  Several issues were discussed, primarily the poor state of the roads and road markings throughout the village and the continued lack of action regarding the traffic speeds and use of the roads by heavy goods vehicles without the need for legitimate access to local farms. The continued lack of effective signage would be investigated. Mr Emmett had stated that “red carpet” was no longer being laid on the road at the commencement of speed limited routes as it is extremely expensive (approx £5000) and does not last long.  Dr Bauer challenged the figure quoted.

Mr Emmett had also stated that works were no longer being undertaken to preserve the state of verges.  It was agreed that members of HPC and KHS would meet six monthly.



6.         Finance Report


            It was resolved to approve the expenditure (previously circulated).  Mr Cobbett explained the principles behind the figures, inasmuch as the Precept would not be increased for the forthcoming year, and that there were still outstanding items such as the Village sign, Parish notice board and improvements to the Pavilion which could require further outgoings.

A request from the Clerk to move to quarterly billing for street light maintenance was agreed.

Further to the complaint received by the Council regarding the poor state of the road surface of Windmill Lane, Mr Cobbett reported that quotations were being obtained and that the parties involved had agreed in principle how the costs would be divided and met.


7.         Parks Report


            Mr Ward would be arranging for some minor outstanding items to be repaired/replaced, including items in the children’s play area. 

Work was progressing well on the Millennium Green, including path clearance and general maintenance.  Thanks were extended to all those who responded to calls for help preparing for the Sensory Garden, and a warm invitation extended to all to help on the next (24th April) and subsequent days, as the Green is a facility for all to enjoy. Photographs are on the website.  Golding Housing have replaced the fencing and in doing so have removed the Millennium Green sign.  Mr Ward has written asking them to replace it.

Mr Ward had received the necessary paperwork from MBC regarding the Millennium Green Trust.  Mr Williams and Mr Huxford are required to sign a transfer document, and then the Parish Council can decide if it wishes to take on corporate ownership.


8.         Planning Report


It was resolved to raise no objection to planning application MA/10/0275


Erection of stables and sandschool

Land adjoining Tile Barn Farmhouse,

Ringlestone Road, Hollingbourne,

ME17 1QL


It was resolved to raise no objection to planning application MA/10/0548

with  condition that it be removed by 31 December 2010


Erection of a two storey side extension.


Tanyard Cottage,

 83, Eyhorne Street,


ME17 1TS



It was resolved to raise no objection to planning application MA/10/0379


Erection of a single storey temporary GRP kiosk to house gas regulators




Gas Valve Compound,

Musket Lane,


ME17 1XG




9.        Clerk’s Report             All items covered elsewhere on the agenda.


10.       Crime Update Council members welcomed PCSO Lyndsay Woods to her first meeting.  There had been three reported crimes since the last meeting, a burglary in Broad Street theft and criminal damage in Eyhorne Street.  A Community Engagement Day had been in Troys Mead and around the School.  Road conditions and speeding had emerged as the issues which concerned most people.


11        Fete Report                Mr Bryan reported that good progress had been made with planning this year’s Fete, which would include a dog show.  PC Tallon confirmed a mobile police Unit would attend.  Following a tendering process, it was agreed that bar provision would be made by The Dirty Habit.


12.      Items for Information None



13.       Date of next meeting             10th May 2010 (This will be the AGM)