April 2011 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on 11th April 2011 in the Cardwell Pavilion at 7.30pm


Present:   Mr Bedwell (Chairman), Dr S Bauer, Mr J Cobbett, Mrs. S O’Connell, Mr F Stephenson, Mr A Ward (Vice-Chairman), Mr A Williams.

Also in attendance: Mrs Parvin (Borough Councillor) Ms E Lawrence (Clerk) and 1 member of the public.


1.                  Apologies for absence    Mr G Bryan, work commitment), County Councillor Mrs J Whittle, (clash of meetings) PC Tallon


2.                                          Declaration of Interests and amendments to Register of Interests

There were no declarations of interest.

There were no amendments to the Register of Interests.


3.          Approval of minutes of last meeting

It was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and that they should be accepted and they were duly signed by Mr Ward (having chaired the meeting).


4.         Matters Arising


×             Fundraising for the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust.  The Clerk to establish availability of venue for Friday 9th September, and 16th September as reserve date.

×             The Clerk reported that there were no anticipated difficulties in meeting current publication deadlines for the Parish magazine.  It was resolved that notes of the minutes be published as unapproved, draft copy for the current month.  It was noted that approved minutes are available on the website after midnight of the evening of the Parish Council meeting.

×             Mr Ward confirmed that the electrical work would be undertaken at the Pavilion.

×             It was confirmed that copies of correspondence are and will continue to be be sent to the relevant Councillor.


5.         Chairman’s Report


Mr Bedwell reported that the cost of containers, similar to that used by the Football Club, had soared to £2,000 for a twenty foot and £2400 for a thirty foot container.  In the current climate, it was agreed that this was far too expensive and the chairman agreed to continue to seek cheaper options.  Members were reminded of the Health and safety implications of items continuing to be stored in the roof space.

On the first day of the road closure, Greenway Court Road had been as busy as expected, with two lorries causing long delays.  Contact telephone numbers are available on the website for those wishing to report matters relating to the traffic and route diversion.


It was noted that it had been brought to the attention of the Council that a significant amount of damage has been caused to vehicles parked alongside Bourne Terrace.

Damage had been caused by vehicles passing the parked cars too closely, often at inappropriate speed, and scratching bodywork – the bend chevron signs were possibly not placed at the optimum position to warn motorists.

Vandals had caused damage to mirrors and had “keyed” cars.

Clerk to liaise with police. The possibility of installing a mobile CCTV unit is to be pursued.  In spite of the many discussions held with Kent Highways and the police, all requests for traffic calming measures and better signage has been refused. To be raised as an item with County Councillor Mrs Whittle, as Speedwatch had been the only suggestion to arise from the last meeting and no-one had responded to the call for volunteers previously placed in the Parish magazine.


6.         Crime Report

The following reported crimes were submitted by PC Tallon:

1). 15/03-16/03 Mar 2011 – Theft of a Wheelie Bin and Recycling box from an address on the Ashford Road Hollingbourne. Investigation has been concluded. Offender(s) not known.

2). 15/03-29/03 Mar 2011 – Criminal Damage reported by occupant of Eyhorne Street to Shrubs and plants in his garden. Enquiries are ongoing.

3). 25/03-26/03 Mar 2011 – Theft from Motor vehicle in Culpepper Close. Front Grille stolen from vehicle. Investigation Complete – Offender(s) not known.

4). 27/03-01/04 Mar/Apr 2011 – Burglary/Criminal Damage reported to the garage door of Hollingbourne Cricket Club on Pilgrims Way. Property removed from the garage but abandoned outside. Enquiries are ongoing.

It was noted that this report amounted to a 100% unresolved rate.

It was also noted that none of the vehicle damage identified and reported to the police had been included in that report – the need to identify Hollingbourne, as (opposed to Maidstone) was brought to Members attention. 

7.         Clerks report 

Members were reminded that the next Joint Parishes Group meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 13th April and Thursday 28th April.

The date of the Third Kent Rail Summit is 27th April, to be held at County Hall, from 6.30pm-7.30pm.

The Kent Association of Local Councils will in future be publishing Parish News electronically.

There have been emails circulating about KCC having available funding for “superfast” broadband internet access.  Mrs Whittle had advised that there were to be three phases and the most effective way to be considered for funding is to collect signatures for future submission.  Christopher’s was suggested as a collection point.  Action: Clerk

8.         County Councillor’s Report  Nothing further to report

9.         Borough Councillor’s Report   

Mrs Parvin reported that the recommendation of Councillors is to reduce Scrutinising Committees of which there are currently five, costing £1500 per meeting.  MBC officers are pushing for development of land around junction8 of the M20.  Mr Cobbett enquired who is leading MBC – employed officers or elected Councillors?  Plans for and funding options for rejuvenation of Maidstone high Street are on-going.  The proposed new hospital at junction 7 of the M20 should offer 300 jobs across the spectrum of employment opportunities.

10.         Planning Report


E lm Cottage




Hollingbourne Eyhorne Street

Conservation Area,

 notification of intent to fell

 one Eucalyptus tree.


Do not wish to  object



Single storey extension

to existing occupational therapy

swimming pool enclosure

Do not wish to  object


Mr Stephenson brought the Journal of Local Planning to the attention of members. The first copy is available for downloading from www.navigusplanning.co.uk 

Subscription costs are £50 per annum for 12 copies.  He reiterated the need for a Parish Plan for the future, and Mrs Parvin reminded the Council that developments of less than 20 will not need to go to through the current planning application process if the Localism Bill is passed in its current form.

11.        Environment report

Mr Williams reported that the building spoil at the entrance to Network rail land by Station Approach had still not been cleared. Attention was drawn to the Countryside Access Scheme. Thanks to be extended to Mr Overbeck for the work done to maintain the Public Rights of Way

It was agreed to thank Mrs Carol Price for clearing and planting the bank by the bridge, which now looks very attractive.

 12.     Finance Report

It was resolved to approve the expenditure (previously circulated) and the cheques were duly signed.   Mr Cobbett reminded members of the proposed cut of 30% to the Concurrent Functions grant, which does not meet current expenditure now.   It was resolved to transfer £10,000 into the reserve account.

13.       Parks Report

Mr Ward had responded to an offer of  a community team working group who are looking for a day’s project.  He felt they could usefully be engaged in the Millennium Green for a day, including capping the wall over the stream.

It was noted that there was evidence of rodent infestation at the Pavilion.

14       Items for information

×           Mr Cobbett updated the Council on plans for the Fete

×           Mr Bedwell reported plans are in  hand for the “Real Madras” Football Tournament

Date of next meeting
The AGM, followed by a brief Council meeting, will be followed by the Parish Assembly on Tuesday 10th May 2011commencing at 6.00pm in the Village Hall.

Signed as a true record: