April 2013 Minutes.

Minutes of the meeting of Hollingbourne Parish Council

held on 8th April in the Cardwell Pavilion commencing at 7.30pm


Present:  Mr M Bedwell (Chairman), Mr D Ardley, Dr S Bauer, Mr A Bennett, Mr J Cobbett

                Mr P Waite, Mr A Ward

In Attendance: Mrs J Whittle (County Councillor), Mrs D Parvin (Borough Councillor), PSCOs S de Burca-Ousby & D Rowley, Parish Clerk Ms E Lawrence and 1 member of the public.



1.      Apologies for absence            None


2.         Declarations: of Changes to the Register of Interests

                        of Interest in items on the Agenda

                                                of Requests for Dispensations



3.      Co-option of Councillor  It was agreed unanimously to co-opt Mrs Ursula Askew to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of Mr Stephenson.  Mrs Askew joined the Council, but did not take part in any vote taken throughout the meeting.


4.      Approval of minutes of last meeting  (Circulated prior to meeting)


Mr Ardley asked for a correction to the minutes (item 7) in that he offered to contact KCC to ask for a cleaning schedule for the gullies.  Subject to that alteration, it was resolved that the minutes were a true and accurate record of the meeting and they were duly signed by the Chairman.


5.      Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere on the agenda)  A number of events are planned throughout the village in support of the twinning with Templeuve – the main focus of which will be at the Fete in June, now that the legal process is complete.  The events include: A French dining event at The Dirty Habit, a French Quiz Night, a possible football tournament, and a possible golf tournament.


Water draining off the land continues to be a problem, but thanks were expressed to Mrs Penny Johnstone for her perseverance in getting action to (hopefully) cure the problem in Greenway Court Road/ Eyhorne Street junction.  It is hoped that the creation of a new kerb and drain will resolve the recent problem.


Mr Ardley reported that gulley cleansing by KCC will be undertaken on a parish-by-parish basis and the programme will be published shortly.


6.       Crime Update  PCSO de Burca-Ousby reported that there had been 10 reported crimes in    Hollingbourne during March, six of which had occurred at the M20 motorway service station.

1.      criminal damage to property valued under £5000 – Upper Street, Hollingbourne

2.      theft – miscellaneous – including theft by ‘finding’ – Greenway Court Road, Hollingbourne

3.      attempted burglary other than dwelling with intent to steal – Greenway Court Road, Hollingbourne

4.      theft from shop – shoplifting – junction 8 motorway services, Hollingbourne

5.      theft – miscellaneous -junction 8 motorway services, Hollingbourne

6.      making off without making payment – junction 8 motorway services, Hollingbourne

7.      making off without making payment – junction 8 motorway services, Hollingbourne

8.      making off without making payment – junction 8 motorway services, Hollingbourne

9.      making off without making payment – junction 8 motorway services, Hollingbourne

10.  criminal damage to property valued under £5000 – scratches to car parked – Eyhorne Street,


7.    Chairman’s Report  Mr Bedwell thanked Mr Cobbett for maintaining the momentum to improve broadband speeds and services to the village.  Mr Cobbett responded by describing the recent work undertaken investigation the possibility of using Call Flow Solutions Wireless broadband from Call Flow Solutions but coverage is limited to specific locations and affected by a number of issues such as trees between the transmitter and the customer and involves a clear line of sight, an acceptable ‘Pole’ (i.e. not a mast) and the income derived being insufficient as so many residences are beyond the line-of-sight.  The possibility of BT upgrading the exchange would appear to be remote.

Mr Bedwell stated that neither the Council nor individual residents should have to do any more, given that there is a clear determination by government to utilise the Internet wherever possible, but this is impossible if speeds are too low to work properly. It was decided to write to MP Hugh Robertson if nothing is forthcoming within 7 days.


On Tuesday 7th May Patrick Robert and James Tosh will visit to discuss the launch of the twinning at the Fete.  Clerk to invite representatives groups and Associations to join at the Dirty Habit at 6pm plus any individuals will be warmly welcomed.


Remedial work to correct the damage at the entrance to the Lance Memorial Field will take place at 10.00am on Saturday 27th April and any able bodied person who is willing and able to help are cordially asked to come along and shift some topsoil and spread some grass seed. Please bring your own shovel or spade. Tea-makers, cold-drink suppliers are also welcome!!


8.   Clerk’s Report                 The Clerk reported on the proposed re-arrangements to recycling (previously circulated).  This will include an increase in kerb-side collections.  Mr Cobbett previously offered to meet with MBC representative on 7th May as the Clerk will be indisposed on that date.

      An application has been made to grant the War Memorial listed building status.  The applicant is unknown and the Clerk is awaiting further information.


9.   County  Councillor Report        Mrs Whittle confirmed that Greenway Court Road will be top-dressed during this summer, following pot-hole repairs which will be completed shortly.  The only other pressing item is the number of primary school children requesting places at the school, which is over subscribed, with 24 applicants for 15 places.  There is the possibility of a community consultation on the matter of any possibility of a school expansion.


10.  Borough Councillors Report     Mrs Parvin undertook to find out more about the recycling arrangements.




11.         Planning report            Mr Bennett reported on the following:








PC decision

MBC Decision


Frogs Hole,

Pilgrims Way, Hollingbourne,

ME17 1UZ

Conversion of attached garage/garden room to habitable accommodation and

conversion of detached stable/garden store to residential annex









Old Grove Mill Dairy, Eyhorne Street,

ME17 1TT


Conversion of building to single dwelling






Elsfield House

Ashford Road

ME17 1PA

Erection of two storey side and rear extension and orangery





The Granary,

Smiths Farm, Hollingbourne Hill,

ME17 1QJ

Retrospective application for installation of raised flower bed




Messrs Bennett and Waite are to tour the village and hope to recruit a group to look in greater detail at a Neighbourhood Plan for the village.  The matter will be introduced at the Parish Assembly and it is hoped a group would include individuals, representatives from other

organisations as well as councillors as Neighbourhood Plans are for the whole community.


Messrs Bennett and Cobbett had attended the meeting held at Cornwallis Academy

re the garden development proposal and Golding Homes.  Golding Homes did not attend.  Mr Cobbett asked how many MBC councillors and how many tenants were on  the Board.  The response was none.  He expressed his concern that Golding Homes hold the housing stock yet do not appear to be accountable to MBC or any elected body.  be accountable to MBC or any elected body. Yet MBC hold the list of potential tenants and that list has recently been “pruned”.

Hollingbourne Council are concerned that the criteria for people needing/moving into social housing is not as transparent as it should be, and ask to be notified when properties become vacant within the Parish.


12.           Environmental Report          Dr Bauer – Nothing to report.


Mr Cobbett reported the Public Rights of Way from the railway station across the field to ‘Jack’s Alley’ and at the end of musket Lane towards the service station are both in dire need of attention.


13.              Finance Report          It was resolved that the cheques should be signed, a list of cheques to be issued for expenditure having been circulated prior to the meeting.



14.                     Parks Report   Mr Ward asked for intervention by Mrs Parvin in resolving the unacceptable delay by MBC in providing the necessary paperwork for the Millennium Green. The officer concerned had been helpful, but no action has been forthcoming.  There has been a certain amount of natural die-back of pond grasses on the Green  but it may be that specialist contractors will need to be brought in.  The possible use of conservation volunteers (details previously circulated by the Clerk) was discussed.


The roof valleys of the Cardwell Pavilion have been cleared.  New locks have been fitted to the gas meter housing and also the central heating system controls.  The external lighting system has been checked, and when appropriate, new wiring to the external lights recommended.



15.         Fete Report   Mr Cobbett reported that a request for expenditure on rewards for the Fete

sports /games activities had been received. It was agreed to approve £50.00


The meeting closed at 21.40pm.


Date of next meeting             Monday 13th May.


NB   Parish Assembly Tuesday 23rd April at 7.30pm in the Village Hall





Signed as a true record: