Are you up for bridge building?

Hollingbourne Meadows Trust is looking for volunteers to help with the building a bridge over the stream which leads into the garden of Grove Mill Cottage. Some excavation work was done earlier this summer by the Army and now the real work of construction is starting and the Trust wants help.

If you can help please contact Ben Williams at  or  by telephone at 07968 123165. The Meadows is a Hollingbourne Charity and is responsible for the fields on the east side of Eyhorne Street and the meadow to the west side of Eyhorne Street over the HS1 tunnel. Maidstone Borough Council has recently given the Trust a grant of £250.

More information about the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust is at

Pictured below are some pictures of the work so far.

A general view of the site showing some of the excavation work done by the Army earlier this year.


The Meadows Trust tractor on site.
Moving some of the rubble in a wheelbarrow.