Back on line!

This website and many other Kent Parish Council websites that are hosted and maintained by EIS on behalf of Kent County Council went down in the early hours on Sunday 1st April and users have been denied service for the last two days. A previous instance of the site going down was earlier this year when the site was attacked by a person or persons unknown.

This is the third version of the Hollingbourne website since it was launched in the Autumn of 2009 and it currently uses a WordPress format. According to the control log, which is not in the public domain, it has received over 60,000 views in the last twelve months. Although the log records what viewers look at, it does not record the number of visitors. The number of views per day when the site is available can vary from around 100 to over 500.

The immediately previous version of the website recorded the number of visitors as well as the number of views and it seems that most people who visit the site look at 2.5 pages which suggests that the site receives around 2000 visitors a month which is about 500 a month more than before WordPress was introduced a just over a year ago.

Kent County Council make no charge to Hollingbourne Parish Council for hosting the site and it is regularly updated by a member of the Parish Council.

If you would like to add a news item or event (or anything else within reason) please contact the Parish Clerk or the Webmaster. The contact details are on the Home Page. Please also contact the webmaster if you spot any inaccuracies so that they can be corrected.