Brexit, Brexit, and more Brexit! – UPDATED.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has been advised that the BBC Inside Out programme will be filming in Hollingbourne on Thursday 28th February and Friday 1st March for a 10 minute programme about Brexit and in particular about resilience planning in the event of a hard Brexit. Mr Glen Campbell of the BBC has written ” As no doubt you have noted, the village of Hollingbourne sits in a rather a unique geographical position making it a possible choke point in the event of a troublesome Brexit exit later next month, or a few months after that, depending on how events unfold”. It is understood that the programme will be broadcast on BBC1 at 7.30pm on 11th March.

Around one fifth of the UK’s trade in goods passes through the Parish via the Maidstone to Ashford transport corridor on the A20, M20, or HS1 with the result that any problems could affect traffic locally and matters elsewhere. The steel barrier on the M20 London bound side should be completed this week as far as Hollingbourne which will allow traffic to move in both directions between Junction 8 and Junction 9 at Ashford as part of Operation Brock. The coast bound side will be used to store 2000 lorries awaiting Customs at Dover and Eurotunnel and the Highways Agency has confirmed that there will be no facilities in place for stranded drivers.

Last month BBC South East did an OB from Eyhorne Street following interviews with parents outside Hollingbourne CP School following KCC concerns that access to villages and presumably Hollingbourne in particular, may be difficult because of M20 traffic problems caused by quitting the EU Customs Union after Brexit.

Local PCSO Daniel Genn wites about Brexit:

I have received a request from the management team in relation to Brexit. I need a summary of any concerns your parishes have relating to Brexit. These can be on any topic relating to Brexit itself that would have an effect on the area and community within our respective wards. When any concerns/problems have been compiled please email me a copy which I will then forward on to our community liaison officer and they will be added to our community impact assessment. I know it sounds a bit wordy… For your awareness the contact details (email and a telephone number) of parish clerks will be added to the file purely for responding to issues around Brexit. If you specifically do NOT want your contact details added to the assessment file please let me know in your reply!

PCSO Dan Genn  can be contacted a

Finally the latest Kent Police newsletter which is mainly about Brexit can be downloaded here:  Newsletter-December-2018.pdf (60 downloads)

UPDATE on 26th February – The Government has published 13 page on the possible effect of a “no deal Brexit” on 29th March 2019 which can be viewed by following the link: Of particular relevance to Hollingbourne in Note 17 is the fact that a EU driving permit and an insurance Green card will be required for trips across the Channel. Additionally Notes 24-30 cover the arrangements for Customs procedures between Kent and France which may cause major delays both sides of the Channel and possible traffic problems across Kent including on the M20. Other predictions include  adverse impacts on the economy, the motor industry and other sectors dependent on JIT supply chains, export sales of lamb, and the supply of fresh food from the EU.

Mrs May’s plan for Brexit which so far has been rejected by Parliament is at

The recent voting record of local MP Mrs Helen Whately on Brexit related issues is at


Pictured below is the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, Mathew Scott at the hustings in the Hollingbourne Village Hall prior to his election. He is the Chairman of the Kent Resilience Forum which is responsible for emergency planning in the event of a no deal Brexit. The Forum’s website is

Mr Matthew Scott, Kent Police and Crime Commissioner.