Burnt out 4×4 left in field next to Hollingbourne Meadows Trust land.

This morning dog walkers on the Hollingbourne Meadows Trust land at the rear of Tilefields were surprised to see the remains of a burnt out 4×4 in the middle of an adjacent field. Judging from the tyre tracks it looks as though the vehicle was driven in from Hospital Road before it was torched.

Hollingbourne Parish Council has advised the landowner. The Meadow is used daily by a large number of dog owners every day and the field with the vehicle is just within sight of houses to the east of Eyhorne Street.

The Meadows will host the 2019 Hollingbourne Fireworks Show on 1st November at 5.30pm in aid of local causes. The 2020 Hollingbourne Meadows Trust Calendar will be on sale at the Fireworks Bar at the price of £6.50.

Pictured below is the burnt out vehicle which appeared overnight.

Burnt Out Vehicle in Hollingbourne – 23rd October 2019.