Clanking manhole and overflowing drain reported again to KCC Highways.

The “clanking” manhole on the B2163/C603 between Godfrey Meadow and Godfrey House has again been reported to KCC Highways as well as the overflowing gulley drain outside of Godfrey House. It appears that the road drain may be blocked further down Eyhorne Street with the result that water has been overflowing from the drain grating and running down the road as far as the Eyhorne Street Conservation Area for most of this week.

It is understood that the manhole, which is in the middle of the road and “clanks” noisily when vehicles go over it, has been repaired previously. Highways issues can be reported online to KCC Highways at .

According to their website the target time for repairs is 28 days except in the case of emergencies. It is understood that priority is given to the incidents that generate the most complaints or reports.

Problems with streetlights in Hollingbourne should be reported to the Parish Clerk at . The 22 streetlights in Hollingbourne used to be funded by Maidstone Borough Council but they are now paid for out of the Parish Precept. Hollingbourne Parish Council is aware of the defective one outside of 103 Eyhorne Street and the matter has already been taken up by the Parish Clerk with the streetlights contractor.

The lights in Station Lane are the responsibility of South Eastern Trains and the yellow sodium lights in Troys Mead belong to Golding Homes as do the footpath lights outside of Bourneside Terrace.

Pictured below is Eyhorne Street between Godfrey House and Godfrey Meadow with the “clanking” manhole in the middle of the road, the overflowing drain in the distance and the faulty streetlight on the right in the distance.