Concern expressed over parking close to Hollingbourne School entrance.

Concern has been expressed to Hollingbourne Parish Council about the numbers of cars parked around the entrance to Hollingbourne School and at the entrance to Culpeper Close by local residents. Hollingbourne Parish Council has no power in this matter but has referred the matter to Hollingbourne County Primary School and to the Hollingbourne PCSO Daniel Genn for their attention. The matter can be a problem particularly in the mornings.

Mrs Helen Bradley-Wyatt, the Headteacher, has acknowledged that there can be a problem and has offered to remind parents and others of the need for considerate parking. Over the years the increased use of cars to bring children to school and the loss of the staff car park when the new hall was built some years ago has contributed to the problem.

The road outside of the School is Eyhorne Street which is the B2149/C603. At rush hour times it can be congested because it is a major route across the North Downs from Sittingbourne to Junction 8 of the M20. When the A249 over Detling Hill is closed or congested, the traffic in Hollingbourne can become worse.

Pictured below recently are some of the cars parked close to the School at the entrance to Culpeper Close which is occasionally blocked.

Picture: David Ardley.
Picture: David Ardley.